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  • Piezo Ceramic - Ultrasonic Actuators
    This paper is an abstract for the "Control of Piezo Ceramic and Ultrasonic Actuators" on-line tutorial. The complete tutorial with audio can be viewed at This course reviews the operation and the features of two types of actuators; the piezo ceramic
  • Ultrasonic Technique and Device for Residual Stress Measurement
    One of the advantages of ultrasonic techniques for residual stress measurement is that they are non-destructive. Using such techniques, one can measure the residual stresses in the same points many times, studying, for instance, the changes of re-sidual stresses under the action of service loading
  • Techniques for using ultrasonic sensors in challenging applications
    Demand is growing globally for accurate and cost-effective distance measurement capabilities in a wide range of industrial, public sector and research applications. According to research by MarketsandMarkets, ultrasonic sensors have the edge in helping organizations meet their distance measurement
  • Ultrasonic Measurement of Residual Stresses in Welded Railway Bridge
    The residual stresses have a significant effect on the process of the initiation and propagation of the fatigue cracks in welded elements. In this paper the results of the residual stress measurement in the zones of welded elements of the railway bridge span are presented. An ultrasonic method
  • Advances in Hand-Held Ultrasonic Thickness Gages with Live Color Waveforms (A-Scan)
    of industries including refineries, power plants, process. control, oil and gas, transportation, automotive and manufacturing to name a few. Ultrasonic thickness gage are an excellent device when access to only one side is. possible.
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Dealing with Change in Device Development In more than 20 years of ultrasonic product development and marketing, Jacques Souquet, PhD, has both witnessed and helped cause dramatic changes in the industry. In fact, Souquet, who is the senior vice president
  • Medical Device Link .
    surface finish. For the removal of trace elements of contamination, ultrasonic technology is among the preferred methods. To simply add lustre to a stainless-steel device, the solution might be found in crushed nutshells. Ultrasonic technology achieves acceptable levels of cleanliness even in parts
  • Medical Device Link .
    EQUIPMENT NEWS: Production and Assembly Equipment Digital Ultrasonic Welder Defies Aging to Produce Consistent Welds Device manufacturers require accurate production and assembly equipment to ensure the quality of their finished products. In this section, machines are described that meet
  • Medical Device Link .
    A new device has properties that respond to light, sound, and other waves in ways that do not happen in naturally occurring substances. This ultrasonic metamaterial may hold great promise in ultrasound technology, enabling much higher resolution than what is currently available. A basic element
  • Medical Device Link .
    Suppliers Tout Advances in Precision, Productivity Ultrasonic equipment introduced for machining ceramics, silicone Suppliers of machining equipment for medical device applications are redoubling efforts to increase throughput without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. Equipment makers have

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