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  • How Ultrasonic Flowmeters Work (.pdf)
    flowing liquid with such discontinuities, an. ultrasonic pulse or beam reflects from them with a change in frequency that is directly. proportional to the liquid’s flow rate. Thus, the ultrasonic Doppler flowmeter calculates flow. rate from the velocity of the discontinuities, rather than from
  • Fatigue Life Improvement of Welded Elements by Ultrasonic Peening
    load and. ultrasonic oscillations in material. Severdenko and Klubovich [4] suggested that the effect of. that ultrasound was simply analogous to the effect of increased temperature, causing a. reduction in the rate of work hardening. In early work on forging aluminum with ultrasound,. they reported
  • Monitoring Flow Rate in a Channel to Minimize Water Pollution
    , mounted to a bracket on the sewer wall in a waterproof enclosure also provided by CAS DataLoggers. One of the dataTaker 's inputs was connected to an ultrasonic height sensor using a 4-20mA output to measure the water height in the channel as the water flowed to a certain height. A rain gauge was also
  • Water Accountability - Portable Monitoring Instruments Solve Flow Rate Mystery
    in partially filled pipes, and enable technicians to retrieve wastewater flow data without entering manholes. The I &I study of the Glen Walter Sewage Collection was conducted from May 16th to June 9th 2006. The instrument’s ultrasonic sensors were installed in 7 different manholes for periods of 3 to 5 days
  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    Selectable Air Speeds. • Accuracy of 1% of Setting or 0.1 m/s, Whichever is Larger. • Remote Option for Variable Air Speed. • Accommodates Either Hot-Wire or Vane-Type Anemometers. More Info >>. * Electronic Mass Flow Meters * Ultrasonic/Doppler Flow Meters * Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flow Meters
  • Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter Offers Advantages in Controlling Flow Rate of Purified Water Loop
  • The Evolution of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
    the. measurement at low and varying flow rates. stacks. Although new non-invasive. performance of MFCs. The early. has made them the instrument of choice in. technologies, such as ultrasonic flow. instruments were gas-specific, and required. many critical gas flow applications. These. meters, have since become
  • Greenhouse Gas Flow Monitoring (.pdf)
    their calibration lab facilities. g Turbine. and certification processes. For example a thermal dispersion. g Electro Magnetic. gas flow meter such as FCI’s insertion-style ST98 Series (Fig. 2), operates over a flow range from 0.75 to 600 SFPS (0.21 to. g Ultrasonic. 172 NMPS) with an accuracy of +1% of reading

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