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Parts by Number for Ultrasonic Gage Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
200BSTD-B Global Industrial Defelsko Corporation Not Provided Positector 200 B Standard Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gage For Non-Metal Substrates
UTGM1-E Global Industrial Defelsko Corporation Not Provided Positector Utgm1 Standard Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gage (Multiple Echo)
UTGM3-E Global Industrial Defelsko Corporation Not Provided Positector Utgm3 Advanced Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gage (Multiple Echo)
T30UXUA Allied Electronics, Inc. BANNER ENGINEERING Not Provided Sensor, U-GAGE, Ultrasonic, 100mm-1 Meter Range, Analog Output, 2 Meter Cable
5222 PLC Radwell Panametrics MMI/OIT, OIT Boards/Modules ULTRASONIC GAGE
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  • Advances in Hand-Held Ultrasonic Thickness Gages with Live Color Waveforms (A-Scan) (.pdf)
    ) techniques still in use today. Thickness. gages are used in a wide variety of industries including refineries, power plants, process. control, oil and gas, transportation, automotive and manufacturing to name a few. Ultrasonic thickness gage are an excellent device when access to only one side
  • Introduction to Strain Gages
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  • Ultrasonic Technique and Device for Residual Stress Measurement
    with gages for ultrasonic residual stress measurement is presented in Figure 2. The UCC allows determining. uni- and biaxial applied and residual stresses for a wide range of materials and structures. In addition, the developed ES can. be used for calculation of the effect of measured residual
  • Ultrasonic Medical Immersion System
    The customer manufactures ultrasonic water immersion systems. A commercial ultrasonic transducer is positioned in front of a test object. The transducer, excited by driving electronics, emits a burst of ultrasonic energy. This same transducer then detects echoes reflected off the test object, which
  • Arbitrary Ultrasonic Generator
    Ultrasonic generation pulses must be varied to accommodate different types of ultrasonic transducers. General-purpose highly damped contact transducers are usually excited by a wideband, spike-like pulse that is provided by many common pulser/receiver units. Lightly damped transducers, used
  • Introduction to Pressure Transducers
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  • Introduction to Load Cells
    | Thermocouple Wire | Thermowell | Ultrasonic Flow Meters | Wireless Sensors
  • Intra-Vascular Ultrasound with a CompuScope 8500
    The customer does intra-vascular diagnostic ultrasound. In this novel technique, an ultrasonic catheter is guided through a patient's blood vessel. Throughout its helical or corkscrew-like path, the ultrasonic transducer-tipped catheter emits bursts of ultrasonic energy. Reflections from the vessel
  • Medical Device Link . Achieving Precision Tube Extrusion for Medical Applications
    the diameter are required. Ultrasonic reflection involves aligning the product in an ultrasonic gage placed in a water bath and arranging transducers (typically four) around the product. Each transducer sends out a transmission pulse that is partially reflected off the outer wall of the tube. While
  • Testing Nuclear Reactor Tubing
    The customer needs to test specialized alloy tubing used to carry water within a nuclear reactor for possible damage. This tubing is located in a closed area where there is ambient radiation. Therefore, this test will be performed by a robot arm using ultrasonic non-destructive testing. Page

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