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    Ultrasonic Instruments - (264 companies)
    ...meter. Form factors, mounting styles, and optional features are important specifications to consider. Some devices are designed to sit atop a bench or desktop. Others are designed to be mounted in a rack or cabinet. Printed circuit boards (PCB... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Flow Meters - (1656 companies)
    ...on the relationship with vessel area (A): Q = v x A. Because there is no square-root relationship, their range is greater than DP devices. Choices for velocity meters include electromagnetic meters, paddlewheels, sonar-based devices, turbine meters, ultrasonic meters... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Power Meters - (398 companies)
    Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth, and from both AC and DC circuits. Power Meters Information. Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Frequency Meters - (118 companies)
    ...rapidly-changing frequencies; in audio applications to determine exact pitch; and in power applications to tune AC motors and other AC devices. Types. Frequency meters can be classified by type. Two broad classes of meter include deflection meters... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Noise Meters - (19 companies) digital (ADC) converters can also add ADC noise to RF signals. To the human ear, the sounds that RF noise meters measure can sound like hiss or static. However, because RF noise can disrupt communications, the effects of meter noise must be factored... Learn More
  • Pulser-Receivers - (29 companies)
    Pulser-receivers generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials for NDT testing. Pulser-Receivers Information. Pulser-receivers (also referred to as pulser/receivers) generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Resonators - (170 companies)
    Resonators are frequency-selective electronic circuits that can produce a fixed (resonant) frequency when properly excited. The value of the resonant frequency depends on the circuit 's components (e.g., inductors, resistors, capacitors, crystals... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Linear Velocity Sensors - (73 companies)
    ...strain-sensitive variable resistors are bonded to parts of the structure, which deforms when making the measurement. Typically, strain gages are used as elements in a Wheatstone bridge circuit, which is used to make the measurement. Ultrasonic... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Liquid Level Sensors - (719 companies)
    ...with an opening below the surface level of the measured liquid. Pressure is proportional to the depth and density of the liquid. Capacitance sensors apply radio frequency signals to a capacitance circuit to sense materials with dielectric constants ranging... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters - (224 companies)
    Ultrasonic Flow Meters Information. Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves to determine flow rates. They can be either Doppler Effect meters or Time-of-Flight meters. Doppler Effect meters measure the frequency shifts caused by fluid flow... Search by Specification | Learn More
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DM163026 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The Low Power Solutions Demonstration board provides designers a convenient and fun way to explore PICmicro ® nanoWatt features within a functional ultrasonic range-finder application. It features the PIC18F4620, Microchip Technology's latest power managed device. The development tool is ideal...

Conduct Research translate ultrasonic emis-. sions into the audible range. They are. portable, and provide information via head-. phones for the audio signal and on a meter that. displays intensity readings, usually as decibels. They usually contain two sensing heads incor-. porating piezoelectric transducers—a scanning...

...pressure and ultrasonic flow meters. But unlike these meters, which are dependent upon electronics in order to function, the turbine meter is able to utilize electronics as an enhancement to its performance. The use of a digital transducer such as a turbine meter eliminates temperature sensitive analog...

...leaks and many other kinds of problems that commonly occur in a power. generating station. Seminole Electric realized several intangible savings from the ultrasonic leak detection. project related to improvements in water cleanliness and reliability. Water chemical. cleanings range in cost depending...

...instruments sense be-. tween 20-100 kHz and use heterodyning to translate the. ultrasonic emissions into the audible range. These portable. instruments provide information via headphones for the. audio signal and on a meter to display intensity readings,. usual y in decibels. These hand-held devices usual y...

• Capacitance DC 12 + FEC 12 or Levelflex M. that the correct flushing action takes place. Note that. Ultrasonic may work but foam is often present. flow velocity of 5 to 10 ft/sec is common during CIP. • Conductivity transmitter for CIP concentration. This is sometimes overlooked when sizing flow meters...

...module receives the return pulse from the pickup and stops the timer. The magnitude of the time delay indi-. cates the location of the position magnet. For example, at a measured distance of 1 meter with a waveguide. velocity of 2850 m/s, the time delay would be: 1 meter ÷ 2850 meters/second = 0.35...; risk current; auxiliary output; respiration, leads-off sensing, and active noise suppression; QRS detection, range and accuracy of heart rate meter; alarm system; and special requirements for monitors with ECG waveform display capability. Diagnostic Electrocardiographic Devices (ANSI/AAMI EC11...

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