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Parts by Number for Ultraviolet Light Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
782L20 PLC Radwell American Ultraviolet Lighting, Halogen Light BULB 24INCH GERMICIDAL
DQ276430 PLC Radwell Seeq Components, PC Board Memory EPROM ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT ERASABLE
APUV2 Global Industrial Cuno Incorporated Not Provided 3m Aqua-Pure ® 2 Gpm Undersink Ultraviolet Light System - Apuv2
APUV5 Global Industrial Cuno Incorporated Not Provided 3m Aqua-Pure ® 5 Gpm Whole House Ultraviolet Light System - Apuv5
APUV1 Global Industrial Cuno Incorporated Not Provided 3m Aqua-Pure ® 1 Gpm Point Of Use-Undersink Ultraviolet Light System - Apuv1

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  • Jupiter's Comet Collision Sites As Seen in Visible and Ultraviolet Light
    This comparison of visible light (blue) and far-ultraviolet (FUV) images of Jupiter taken with the Wide Field Planetary Camera-2 (WFPC-2) on NASA'S Hubble Space Telescope show how the appearance of the planet and of comet Shoemaker-Levy-9 impact sites differ at these two wavelengths (1400-2100
  • Ultraviolet Curing
    Ultraviolet (UV) Curing is a process which utilizes light energy to increase the viscosity of a material after it has been applied to another surface. Generally, a liquid material is coated onto the surface and through a photopically driven chemical process. The process causes the liquid to undergo
  • Measurement of the Ultra Violet Protection Factor Assigned to Ultraviolet Protection Clothes
    Factor. assigned to Ultraviolet Protection Clothes. No.A450. n Introduction. n Analytical Conditions for UPF. Sunlight that reaches the earth is composed of various. The UPF value is a number representing the ultraviolet. wavelengths designated as visible light (VIS), which can. protection factor
  • Hubble Reveals Ultraviolet Galactic Ring
    similar to that of many other spirals. However, when the galaxy is viewed in ultraviolet light with NASA's Hubble
  • Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometry Characterization of
    Small, portable ultraviolet and visible spectrometers can be used to characterize the combustion and. regression rates of hybrid rocket and other combustion emission plumes. In this study, two spectrometers,. operating in the ultraviolet and visible ranges, were used to measure the hydroxyl radical
  • A private ultraviolet channel in visual communication
    Although private communication is considered an important diversifying force in evolution, there is little. direct behavioural evidence to support this notion. Here, we show that ultraviolet (UV) signalling in. northern swordtails (Xiphophorus) affords a channel for communication
  • A field-study of inducible molecular defenses, ultraviolet
    Ultraviolet radiation-the primary natural. pollutant affecting melanomagenesis-may represent. a widespread ecological stressor for many fishes, and. yet the relationship between UV-exposure and stress. has not been investigated in natural fish populations. Recent lab-based studies have sought
  • New Look At DNA Hints At Origin Of Ultraviolet Damage
    the energy from ultraviolet (UV) radiation in a kind of energy wave that travels up the edge of the DNA molecule, as if the energy were climbing one side of the helical DNA "ladder. " The finding lends insight into how DNA damage occurs along the ladder's edge. It also counters what scientists proposed