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  • Designing and Specifying Fabry Perot Etalons
    uncoated using only the 4% fresnel refection to provide the etalon effect. One of our optical calculators, Reflectance versus Angle of Incidence, an excellent way to determine the fresnel reflection for a given material and wavelength. Uncoated etalons are often used inside laser cavities since
  • Comparison of diode-side-pumped
    is absorbed in the laser crystal in the place of internal total reflection of generated laser beam. Some. part of the pumping radiation (10 %) is reflected back from the uncoated crystal-air boundary. It has to be noted,. that due to zig-zag propagation of the laser radiation through the slab crystal
  • Medical Device Link .
    that automatically recovers its shape after deformation. In most cases, the metal stent is produced by a three-step process: laser cutting, followed by chemical (acidic) etching, and then electropolishing. One problem with stenting is restenosis --when the body coats the stent with scar tissue and reblocks
  • Low Coherence Vibration Insensitive Fizeau Interferometer
    of the instrument. and results obtained measuring both sides of an uncoated glass plate using only two. measurements and without the need to modify the plate. Theory of Operation. The basic layout of the short coherence vibration insensitive Fizeau is shown in figure 1. The illumination system is composed
  • System Design Relating to Lens Assemblies (.pdf)
    $±4% over the object field, so. CCD, adequately uniform illumination of large areas is diffi-. that images can be analyzed without computational. cult and imaging large areas requires coordinated analysis of. multiple images. In contrast, laser-scanning systems produce a. corrections

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