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  • Construction Challenges of 345-kV Underground
    (MNP) is the largest transmission capital project in the country. NUSCO is responsible for the completion of 18.5 miles of the underground transmission portion of the project while the neighboring utility United Illuminated ((UI) will handle approximately 5.5 miles of the underground transmission
  • Supplementing Electric Utility Power - by Henry Oman - November 2002 FCT -
    With Fuel Cells in Brazil Acoustic Fields Enrich Hydrogen Production by Reformers Fuel-cell powered electric vehicles need hydrogen refueling, which can be provided by specially constructed service stations in cities. These stations can be supplied hydrogen from underground piping or from tank
  • Cooling Employees in Challenging Conditions
    underground high-voltage. power cables. Many of these older cables contain. PCB's and lead, so they must be handled with care. ./0e0271c5-0619-4132-b3da-2fd4688b8159 Pr. P o. r v. o i. v di. d ng. n. g C. o. C o. o l. o i. l ng. n. g G. e. G a. e r. a. r i n. Ch. C a. h l. a l. l e. l n. e g. n i. g
  • Temporary Dewatering Solutions: Construction projects require different pumps and systems for safe and timely dewatering
    underground utilities or obstructions. Sock dewatering sys-. a valve for “tuning” the wellpoint. Tuning a wellpoint is regu-. tems consist of a perforated tube covered by a filter fabric that is. lating the flow from each wellpoint to reduce or eliminate the. installed in a trench. The depth is limited
  • DC Power Surge Protection Overview
    to be equipotentially bonded for the protection scheme to work efficiently. 2) Underground Connection from External PV Array to Electrical Control Equipment. If possible, the connection between the external Solar PV Array and the internal power control equipment. should be underground or electrically
  • How Oil-Water Separators Work and How to Use Them
    conditions and up to 100% oil. Separator systems can often be located underground, thus minimizing waste of valuable area on the surface.
  • Your Facility is Leaking - Get the Picture
    imager, surveying a couple of buildings or a mile or so of underground lines can be done by flying over and locating the target(s) in the imagery, saving the data and putting it together in a report. Scale information can be gathered by taking off the existing CAD drawings or having someone walk over
  • Water Tank Monitoring System
    for water tanks using the PLC. However, a person in charge had to go down to the underground control rooms of water tanks in order to collect data and take emergency action. This system has improved time efficiency and reduced required personnel. Features. The solution. An office and multiple water tank

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