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  • * Lubricating Oil Analysis by Benchtop WDXRF According to ASTM D6443-04
    a unique air-cooled 200W X-ray tube, two. typically means pouring the sample into a plastic cup. detectors, programmable environment of vacuum or. equipped with a transparent film. Unlike traditional. helium, and three analyzing crystals, the Supermini200. techniques, such as Inductively-Coupled
  • Using Portable IR Analyzer to Measure Soot Levels in Diesel Oils
    lubricating oil provide a unique signature. This signature is known as the infrared spectrum, and is correlated to the specific molecular species present (in terms of frequency, cm-1), and their relative concentrations - displayed in % transmittance to identify the species but converted
  • The Proof is in the Plastic
    composition and the unique geometry of the replaceable liner. 1.1: DryLin® liners do not require any lubrication, which virtually eliminates maintenance. Material Composition. During bearing operation, a wet lubricant is typically applied to reduce friction and minimize wear. However, igus®’ plastics
  • Ceramic Ball Bearings
    -. of the evaluation period. form a calibration check. Approximately 450,000 gal ons of water. Conclusion. Flow Technology ceramic bal bearings offer some unique benefits. over traditional stainless steel bearings in most applications due to. their lower frictional drag and corrosion resistance. In water
  • What Are Refractory Metals?
    in your tank. Piping of refractory metal alloys helped process it. And your oil may contain a refractory metal compound to increase its lubricating ability. 821rmabooklet.PDF What Are Refractory Metals?. Refractory metals are different. As a group they provide a number of unique
  • Group Develops C-5 Grease (.pdf)
    for the. missiles, researchers and contractors designed a unique lubricating grease which was ultimately assigned the. MIL-PRF-32014 military specification. The rigorous performance requirements in the specification require the grease. composition to include anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-rust ingredients
  • Improved Cooling Tower Maintenance: The Cool, Hard Facts
    Water & Wastewater International, November 2007 -- Proper maintenance of cooling towers can be a dangerous, expensive and tedious undertaking. Here's some information on ways to make the process easier. A cooling tower 's components are complex, often requiring unique capabilities for meeting
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Surface Treatment
    . These materials are combined to produce a new material with an extremely low coefficient of friction and other unique properties. They create a nonporous, nonstick, corrosion-resistant surface but can also be formulated to produce a gripping or nonslip surface. 1331 Rte. 1, Linden, NJ 07036. Ph: 908/862-6200