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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SM999 Global Industrial Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc Not Provided Supco Sm999, Universal Evaporator Fan Motor Kit
TURBOLYTICJR Global Industrial Global The Source Not Provided Turbolytic Jr. Up To 227 Mfd Universal Motor Start Capacitor
TURBOLYTIC50 Global Industrial Global The Source Not Provided Turbolytic ™ Up To 302 Mfd Universal Motor Start Capacitor
TPMPU Global Industrial Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc Not Provided Supco Tpmpu, Universal Three Phase Motor Protector
PIC18F14K50 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided . Self-programmable under software control. Support for Interrupt Priority Levels. 8x8 Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier. Enhanced Watchdog Timer with a programmable period Full Speed Universal Serial Bus Interface. USB v2.0 compliant interface. Supports both Low Speed and Full Speed operation...
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  • Universal Motors: Timeless Performance
    The universal motor, an often maligned old workhorse, is a particularly adaptable motor, and still proves very useful in many applications.
  • Using Inverter Technology in the Motor Fusing Industry (.pdf)
    Commutator fusing was developed in the early 1950's as a method of manufacturing small universal or DC electric motors. The early process of attaching wires to the commutator required dipping the commutator into a solder bath, and hand soldering the connections. This two-step process was not only
  • Monitoring Temperature and Power on Aging 3-Phase Compressor Motors
    endangered product quality. To avoid compressor failure and to realize energy savings, the manufacturer needed an equipment monitoring solution with a high number of universal analog channels that could monitor temperature and the equipment's energy/power usage. The customer also needed to totalize
  • Quick Reference Guides
    illustrate the differences between motors. Notice the dramatically high no-load speed of a Universal motor and the significantly higher starting torques of Permanent Magnet and Brushless DC motors.
  • An Innovative Cabling Concept Improves Reliability for Multi-Axis Stage Systems
    industry. Today, this technology is used in a broad array of safety related. applications including aircraft, elevators, and, of course, automotive systems. As an example, the model DAC1005 (manufactured by LPKF) is a universal motor controller for one axis. It. complies with the CAN open standards
  • Medical Device Link .
    A universal drive based on digital signal processor (DSP) technology embeds motion control, drive, and PLC functionalities in a single unit measuring 62 x 42 x 20 mm. The IPS210 drive can control dc and stepper motors with low inductance in open- and closed- loop modes. It is programmable using
  • Ford has a better idea: Open controls for robotic arms
    kinematics between world and joint coordinates, as well as real-time dynamic checking of joint limits (position, velocity, and acceleration) for moves programmed in world coordinates. This helps eliminate wrist snap problems that can crop up when passing near singularities. RWT's Universal Robot
  • Synchronizing
    in these machines is with mechanical drive shafts. A master axis turns all other axes on the machine through connections such as gearboxes and universal joints. A problem with some applications is that the drivetrain may twist appreciably, introducing position error in rolls from the master axis. Such torque

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