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  • Copper UNS C15760
    Copper UNS C15760 .
  • UNS C15760 Dispersion Strengthened Alloy Bar - Mechanical Properties
    UNS C15760 Dispersion Strengthened Alloy Bar - Mechanical Properties .
  • ZCU544
    Specification Equivalents: UNS c15760 .
  • The U.S. NHMFL 100 tesla multi-shot magnet
    The results of the fatigue testing performed at 77 K predict that all component materials can meet this design goal with the exception of the Glidcop AL-60Ô copper ( UNS - C15760 ) used in coils 1 and 2 and the high yield 301 …
  • Metal Matrix Composites
    • dispersion-hardened copper (materials C15715, C15725 and C15760 after UNS - list, USA) by internal in situ oxidation of aluminum alloy components [18] .
  • ZCACA2001P276
    tain 99% Cu ( UNS Numbers C10100 to C15760 ).
  • UNS Designations for Copper and Copper alloys
    Table of UNS Designations for Copper and Copper alloys Generic name UNS numbers Composition Wrought alloys Coppers C10100- C15760 >99%Cu High-copper alloys C16200-C19600 >96%Cu Brasses C20500-C28580 Cu-Zn Leaded brasses C31200-C38590 Cu-Zn-Pb Tin brasses C40400-C49080 …
  • Machinery's Handbook 29 - Index of Materials
    continued) UNS number (alloy name) C11500 (silver-bearing tough pitch) 519 C11600 (silver-bearing tough pitch) 519 C12000 (phosphorus … … sulfur bearing) 520 C14720 (sulfur bearing) 520 C15000 (zirconium Cu) 520 C15500 520 C15715 520 C15720 520 C15760 521 C16200 (cadmium Cu …
  • ZEMPM2000P006
    … 2 Volume Resistivity at Ambient Temperature of High Conductivity Material Families Alloy-temper ( UNS number) Copper, Wrought … … C50710) C50715 (C50715) Brush Phosphor Bronze (C51000) C15715-Annealed (C15715) C15720-Annealed (C15720) C15760 -Annealed (C15760) Copper …
  • ZASMHBA0003005
    … bronzes Nickel-tin bronzes Aluminum bronzes Copper-nickels Nickel silvers Leaded coppers Miscellaneous alloys UNS numbers Composition C10100- C15760 C16200-C 19600 C20500-C28580 C31200-C38590 C40400-C49080 C50100-C52400 C53200-C54800 C55180-C55284 …