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ASTM B327 - 12 Standard Specification for Master Alloys Used...
Common (UNS) Color CodeD Aluminum Magnesium nickel analysis is required when producing die casting alloy Z33522 or Z35530.
See ASTM International Profile & Catalog

ASTM B252 - 92(2009) Standard Guide for Preparation of Zinc...

See ASTM International Profile & Catalog

SAE Standards Works
Similar Specifications: UNS Z33521, former SAE J903, ingot is similar to ASTM B 240-79, Alloy AG40A; and UNS Z33520, former SAE 903, die casting is
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Z35530[9 ZL5, ZA-5, ZN-005[13 Cast ZP0410

Deco Products Sheet V2 1/6/10 2:13 PM Page 1 THE ADVANTAGES...
AC43A SAE J468B J468B J468B J468B Former 903 903 925 925 921 UNS Z33521 Z33520 Z35530 Z35531 Z33522 Z333523 Z35540 Z35541 Z356365 Z35636 1 3 hr at
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name Short composition name Form Common ASTM??/sup> Short European designation JIS China UK BS 1004 France NFA 55-010 Germany DIN 1743-2 UNS Other

CEDAM software - metal alloys database

U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs National...
Electrical conductivity Relative magnetic (S/m) permeability Object UNS Class Test object Metal designation mean tolerance mean tolerance MD Class 1

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