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  • Urogynecology: Evidence-Based Clinical Practice
    Calibration of the urine flow machine involves pouring a known quantity of fluid into the uroflow equipment at a reason- ably slow rate, and then checking that the volume poured in equals the volume measured, and that the computer calculated the flow...
  • Urogynecology: Evidence-Based Clinical Practice
    Calibration of the urine flow machine involves pouring a known quantity of fluid into the uroflow equipment at a rea- sonably slow rate and then checking that the volume poured in equals the volume measured and that the computer calcu- lated the...
  • Communications of the bvU
    It reported that the bvU-group-purchase of sterilizers, Uroflow- and sonography devices became, adopted very positively.
  • IUGA Guidelines for Training in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery (URPS)
    The center should have a wide range of urogynecological problems; . have a well equipped urodynamic laboratory which included cystometry, urethral function tests, uroflow - metry, ambulatory equipment , and cystourethroscopy; . there must be easy access to neurophysiological equipment, ultrasound, videourodynamics and cy- stourethrography, and...
  • Pelvic Floor Re-education
    The same equipment is used as for uroflow and filling cystometry.
  • Video urodynamics
    It further includes an uroflow transducer, a transducer stand equipped with two Statham transducers, an electronic balance and a pump, which allows constant filling of the bladder at a certain rate.
  • The Martin-Luther-university Halle / Wittenberg By patients with stanzbioptisch detected prostate cancer and documentation of cell status Uroflow , Gleason Score, tumor degree after WHO and... ...PCA EDAP under hochfokussiertem ultrasound with the apparatus Ablatherm of the firm The inclusion...
  • Voiding Symptoms and Urodynamic Findings in Patients with Modified Ileal Neobladde
    Uroflow examination was performed with Dantec 1000 equipment .
  • Urodynamics : basic concepts
    A uroflow study is the simplest component of urodynamic studies since it is non-invasive and requires simple equipment .
  • Incontinence management by the orthotopen bubble replacement
    Overview over the necessary diagnosis by persistierender incontinence after installation of a Neoblase: F  Anamnese, F  körperliche investigation, F  validierte questionnaire, F  Urinkultur, F  Uroflow with residual urinary determination, F  Miktionstagebuch, F  kombiniertes retrograde Urethrogramm (RUG) and Miktionszystourethrogramm (MCU), F  Pad-Test, F  Urodynamik (- flow-measurement), F  Urethrozystokopie.
  • Scientific Proceedings (Abstracts) 25th German Cancer Congress
    ...b)Specific structural qualities for tumor patients, orientated on the needs and troubles of certain oncological patients: -special means of diagnosis and therapy (e.g. endoscopy, language laboratory, equipment for gynaecological examinations, lymph therapy, stoma care, spirometry, uroflow , etc.) -and most important...
  • Child and youth medicine
    ...failure, acute 486 Ureterozele 266 reactive to Urethralklappen 464-urinary path obstruction 464, renal failure, acute 486 urethritis-arthritis, 270-rider-syndrome 266 Urin(analyse) 457, ureter, double installation 463, renal failure, acute... ...phenylketonuria 123 Urinosmolalität 457 Uroflow , Enuresis 485 urogenital defective...
  • Urodynamics
    ...1–2, 72, 108, 155 Urodynamic techniques, 17–114, 255 modifications of, in children, 151–152 principles of, 18 standardisation of, 18–19 Urodynamic tests, strategy for repetition of, 287 Urodynamic unit equipment needs for, 195–196 organisation... ...301–317 shortened version, 318–322 Uroflow , normal, 269–270 Uroflowmeters, see...
  • Female urinary incontinence: pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment
    ...simultaneously record bladder pressure, urethral pressure, peri- neal floor EMG, as well as uroflow rate and pattern... Although very objective and discrimina- tory, the equipment required and technical exper- tise necessary is only cost...
  • Transurethral fulguration of the prostate with the roller ball.
    All patients had preoperative assessment with history and physical examination, urinalysis, uroflow , transrectal ultrasound of the prostate... The procedure was performed under general or spinal anesthesia using standard equipment and 3-mm roller ball.

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