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  • Tips for Setting up an Air Line for Pneumatic Assembly Tools
    For pneumatic assembly tools to operate properly and efficiently, it's key to provide a clean, dry flow of air to the tool. Air tools are adversely affected by moisture. Since air from a compressor contains much moisture and dust, it is desirable to provide a filter and lubricator in the pipeline
  • Keep Your Compressed Air High and Dry
    in typical northeastern U.S. climate conditions, can produce approximately 2200 gal of liquid condensate per year!. Failing to remove this moisture from a compressed air system can result in condensation in piping, pneumatic tools, and instruments, leading to damage and premature failure. Water, water
  • Into Thin Air
    , peppers, grapes, carrots, almonds, and other consumer favorites --often require use of potent fumigants before planting to control soil-dwelling pests, such as nematodes, fungi, and weeds. But because of an impending prohibition against the widely used methyl bromide and new, more stringent ambient air
  • Case History: Sealed Air Lends A Hand To Improve Tool Packaging: Cooper Hand Tools
    What if you could improve the productivity of your packaging operation, increase space in your warehouse and decrease returns without increasing your cost for materials? This may seem like a tall order, yet Sealed Air helped make it a reality for Cooper Hand Tools.
  • Reference: Air Flow Calculator
    Locations. Automotive Aftermarket. Auto OE. Gates Brand Protection. News. Sitemap. Content Tools. Feedback Form. Home > Industrial Fluid Power > Pressure Loss > Air Flow Calculator. Gates Industrial Fluid Power. Air Flow Calculator. This program will enable you to answer basic airflow problems involving
  • Compressed Air History
    Compressor Parts. Worthington Holyoke Compressor Parts. Home >Library Pages >Compressed Air History. Technical Library. >>. Tools & Calculators. >>. Dryer Brochures. >>. Aftercoolers. >>. Air Compressors. >>. Air Receivers. >>. Breathing Air Systems. >>. Compressed Air. >>. Compressed Air Dryers
  • Technical Center: Laws of Compressed Air
    . Transair: from A-Z (video). Technical center. Practical air guide. Laws of compressed air. Compressed air production. Compressed air pipe system. Pipe material. Energy efficiency. Installation cost. Sizing method. Technical tools. Transair CAD Drawings. F.A.Q. Technical Information (Videos). Case studies
  • Air Gaging Gets Better With Age
    is getting the most from. location of the gage within the part. increase as you bring the hose closer to. the tool. When manufacturers make air. To accomplish this, the sensors have. the car’s surface—the same thing hap-. tooling, they inspect it for balance, zero. to be matched and work alike. Because

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  • Cool Quality
    At least one machine tool builder, Enshu ( USA ) Corp., Schaumburg, Ill., currently cools axis ballscrews to prevent screw elongation. Approaches for on-machine im- provements that can be made by the builder or the user include control- ling spindle bearing... ...motor heat from the structure, adding cooling jackets for motors, accelerating air flow over any part of the machine that...
    Awards presentations were made to the following suppliers in the third and fourth quarters of 2010 for performance in 2009: Advanced Machining & Tooling , Poway, Calif; Allstar Magnetics LLC, Vancouver, Wash; AMI Metals, Fontana, Calif; Applied Composites Solutions, Oceanside, Calif; Aremac &... ...Avionics, Grand Rapids, Mich; Malibu Research Associates Inc., Camarillo, Calif; Mathy Machine Inc., Santee, Calif; McCauley Propeller Systems, Wichita, Kan; Micro Mo Electronics Inc., Clearwater, Fla; Microphoto, Roseville, Mich; MT Propeller USA Inc., Deland, Fla; National Air Parts Inc., Deland, Fla; Newport...
    Since March, PBS has aired six of 13 programs on such engineering challenges as converting toys... ...musical instruments; building "bizarre" bikes; raising 20-foot bridges without power tools ; devising a way to... ...low-cost" peanut butter making machines for a women's... As part of the program's public- outreach component, the IEEE- USA is scheduling a workshop for US IEEE volunteers at an upcoming meeting to bring Design Squad challenges to local schools and communities.
  • Effect of Device Design on the Aerosolization of a Carrier-Based Dry Powder Inhaler—a Case Study on Aerolizer® Foradile®
    ...a milling machine (model LW-2VHT, L & W machine tools Inc, Fenyuan, Taiwan); (2... ...using a simple purpose made cutting tool, starting from... ...original grid and removing parts of it according to... ...different sizes of the air inlet were obtained starting... ...liquid chromatography (HPLC) grade) was purchased from Fisher Scientific (Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA ) and acetic acid...
  • Airline Schedule Recovery in Flow Management: An Application for Departure Re-Routing
    ...R.L. Hoffman, T. Vossen, 2002, “An Analysis of Resource Rationing Methods for Collaborative Decision Making,�? Proceeding of ATM 2002 – System Architectures and CNS Technologies Needed to Cope with the Air Traffic Capacity Problem, and Related Evaluation Tools , Capri, Italy. [9] Hoffman, R.L., M.C. Wambsganss, 2002, “Collaborative Decision Making (CDM): The Easy Part is Over,�? Proceeding of ATM 2002 – System Architectures and CNS Technologies Needed to Cope with the Air Traffic Capacity Problem, and Related Evaluation Tools, Capri... ...Recovery in Collaborative Flow Management with Airport and Airspace Capacity Constraints,�? 5th USA /Europe Air Traffic...
  • Sell Turbine Roof Ventilator ( TG-880A )
    ...products are of demand exceeding supply, and we have our customers through all parts of the country... Our Roof turbine ventilators are made of stainless steel, and import the UBC bearing from USA . All the parts of the turbine ventilators are finished by the professional molding tools , they are assembled... It works without the electricity power, they can change our air condition indoors, leave us a comfortable...
  • NASA Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
    20080018510 Naval Air Warfare Center, Patuxent River, MD USA State of the Art Review of Human-Human Collaboration Research: An Integrated, Multidisciplinary Perspective It is the enhancement of individual performance that makes teamwork a necessary tool for all military leaders. ...achieved in a team setting with the sum solution being greater than the parts of the solution...
  • Internet GIS for Air Quality Information Service for Dalian, China
    With increasing concern about the effects of air pollution on health and the environment, systematic air quality monitoring first started in major industrial countries such as UK, USA in the 1950s (Goklany, 1999). As a powerful tool for identifying air quality problems, air quality monitoring is the basic part of an integrated approach to air quality management that includes legislation, assessment and prediction. ...with standards, but to provide information to enable policy makers and planners to make informed decisions on...