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  • Tips for Setting up an Air Line for Pneumatic Assembly Tools
    For pneumatic assembly tools to operate properly and efficiently, it's key to provide a clean, dry flow of air to the tool. Air tools are adversely affected by moisture. Since air from a compressor contains much moisture and dust, it is desirable to provide a filter and lubricator in the pipeline
  • Tool Steel
    resist sudden and repeated loadings. Applications include pneumatic tooling parts, chisels, punches, shear blades, bolts, and springs subjected to moderate heat in service. tool steels, which include oil and air-hardening
  • Turret Tool Sharpening
    initiative to change this. The tooling supervisor for McQuay's Air Handling Division tackled the problem on two fronts. He made tool grinding more efficient and promoted a procedure that both extended tool life and drove efficiency under the turret press. Housed in two Minnesota plants, the Air Handling
  • MICRO: Tool/Fab Automation
    Lawrence B. Levit and Leo G. Henry, Ion Systems; and Julian A. Montoya, Frank A. Marcelli, and Ray P. Lucero, Intel Experiments conducted at a development fab demonstrate that overhead vehicle systems and FOUPs can cause electromagnetic interference, which can lead to tool lockups and downtime
  • MICRO: Tool/Fab Support
    Wayne Curcie and Marcel Choudhury, Infineon Technologies; and Semiconductor fab clean dry air (CDA) system designs have received increasing attention because of the requirements of photolithography tools. Technology developments in the IC industry have led to the use of lithography tools
  • Air Dryers
    Water vapor is contained in high-pressure air. In vapor form, the water does little damage in most components. But if the water is allowed to condense in the system, it can rust pipes, freeze up actuators, and damage a process, tool, or instrument. Manufacturers of pneumatic components normally
  • Air Tractor Achieves High Flying Productivity with VERNON Tool
    Air Tractor, Inc. of Olney, Texas produces the worldâ s most extensive product line of aircraft for agricultural spraying, seeding, fertilizing, or firefighting. On any day in Olney, Texas, you are bound to see a dusty cowboy walking through town or in sharp contrast; you will more than likely also
  • "Air " on the side of smoothness
    Air bearings eliminate static friction and stick-slip that compromise precision. New Way Machine Components Inc. Standard porous air bearings from New Way come in various shapes and sizes. Porous technology makes the bearings more robust, easier to use, and affordable. Porous air bearings issue air

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    At least one machine tool builder, Enshu ( USA ) Corp., Schaumburg, Ill., currently cools axis ballscrews to prevent screw elongation. Approaches for on-machine im- provements that can be made by the builder or the user include control- ling spindle bearing … … motor heat from the structure, adding cooling jackets for motors, accelerating air flow over any part of the machine that …
    Awards presentations were made to the following suppliers in the third and fourth quarters of 2010 for performance in 2009: Advanced Machining & Tooling , Poway, Calif; Allstar Magnetics LLC, Vancouver, Wash; AMI Metals, Fontana, Calif; Applied Composites Solutions, Oceanside, Calif; Aremac & … … Avionics, Grand Rapids, Mich; Malibu Research Associates Inc., Camarillo, Calif; Mathy Machine Inc., Santee, Calif; McCauley Propeller Systems, Wichita, Kan; Micro Mo Electronics Inc., Clearwater, Fla; Microphoto, Roseville, Mich; MT Propeller USA Inc., Deland, Fla; National Air Parts Inc., Deland, Fla; Newport …
  • Airline Schedule Recovery in Flow Management: An Application for Departure Re-Routing
    [9] Hoffman, R.L., M.C. Wambsganss, 2002, “Collaborative Decision Making (CDM): The Easy Part is Over,” Proceeding of ATM 2002 – … … and CNS Technologies Needed to Cope with the Air Traffic Capacity Problem, and Related Evaluation Tools , Capri, Italy. … Recovery in Collaborative Flow Management with Airport and Airspace Capacity Constraints,” 5th USA /Europe Air Traffic …
    Since March, PBS has aired six of 13 programs on such engineering challenges as converting toys … … musical instruments; building "bizarre" bikes; raising 20-foot bridges without power tools ; devising a way to … … low-cost" peanut butter making machines for a women's … As part of the program's public- outreach component, the IEEE- USA is scheduling a workshop for US IEEE volunteers at an upcoming meeting to bring Design Squad challenges to local schools and communities.
  • Sell Turbine Roof Ventilator ( TG-880A )
    Our Roof turbine ventilators are made of stainless steel, and import the UBC bearing from USA . All the parts of the turbine ventilators are finished by the professional molding tools , they are assembled after checking by the professional equipments. It works without the electricity power, they can change our air condition indoors, leave us a comfortable …
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICMSE 2012
    … the number and output of parts, geometric accuracy of micrometer and below, are increasing[1,2,3], such as automotive parts and refrigeration component of air -conditioning, with the development … … ultra-precision engineering, which makes China’s machine tool and equipment manufacturing industry … Meanwhile, compared to developed countries, such as USA , Germany, Japan and other countries in the world, there …
  • Encyclopedia of Systems and Control
    Emerging markets like China are will- ing to make significant investments in improving air traffic management by building new airports, expanding existing airports, changing controller procedures, and investing in controller tools . In some regions, mandates and financial incentives may play a part in enabling infrastructure and equipment changes … The USA and Europe are both supporting significant research, development, and im- plementation programs to support air …
  • Solution of sectorization problems for an air traffic control area. I. Basic principles and questions of airspace sectorization and its formalization as an opt...
    These stages include the preparation of data on air traffic flows, the initial air space partitioning into sectors, the evaluation of the sector load, and the final sectorization. For this pur pose, the special decision making support tools are used: the airspace analyzer; the sector evaluator tool; the airspace partitioner; and a number of tools for analysis developed earlier and used at present. … sectorization problems has been going during many years at the George Mason University in the USA [13–15].