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  • USB Tutorial
    How fast is USB 2.0? What's the status of Hi-Speed USB 2.0 in the marketplace? Do USB 1.1 cables work with USB 2.0 devices?. USB. Home. USB. Technical Resources > Tutorials > USB. 1. What is USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed USB)?. USB 3.0 is the next major revision of the ubiquitous Universal Serial Bus
  • Guide to Networking Cables
    . 1-866-223-2860. div_603. div_604. div_647. - 0 items. Shop By Category. Adapters. Coax Adapters / RF Adapters. IEEE-1394 FireWire Adapters. SCSI Adapters. USB Adapters. Video / Monitor Adapters. Audio Video Monitor Cables. RCA Audio Video Cables. VGA - SVGA Monitor Cables. DVI-D Cables (Digital
  • USB User Guide
    in June of 1998 with the release of the Windows 98 OS, which was designed to support USB from its inception. In the six years following the release of Windows 98, over 1 Billion USB devices went online worldwide. - USB User Guide by Amphenol 1-866-223-2860. div_603. div_604
  • Reprogramming a USB Device
    1. Download and install the USB EEPROM Programmer utility from our web site at This utility installs the latest version of the microcode for all Ocean Optics devices. 2. Plug in the USB device to the PC. 3. Run the USB Programmer
  • USB Embedded Host Stack
    to be. receptacle or has a captive cable. implemented on a device with fixed, limited memory. © 2008 Microchip Technology Inc. DS01140A-page 1. AN1140. Host Mode Operation. USB transfers can consist of multiple transactions, and. transactions can consist of multiple packets. In. In a USB system, the host
  • Molded Cables: What You Need To Know
    1-866-866-0544. About Us. Company Info. Privacy Policy. Livewire News. Products. Coil Cords. Cable Assemblies. Molded Components. Commercial warranty. Industries. Industrial Controls. Medical Industry. Telecommunications. Military. Other Industries. Capabilities. Design. Production. Certifications. Contact Us
  • USB-ADP-PC Serial Adapter
    . Products Affected: HR2000, USB2000. Date Issued: 01/29/2002. Description. The USB-ADP-PC serial adapter is to be used with either the USB2000 or the HR2000 spectrometer. when interfacing with PCs. Figure 1: USB-CBL-PS 5-volt power supply, DB9 cable, USB-ADP-PC adapter, jackscrew, and. spectrometer
  • USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Used with USB-BP Battery Pack and/or USB LS-450 Light Source
    or the HR2000 Spectrometer, the. USB-BP battery pack, and/or the USB-LS-450 Light Source when interfacing with handheld PCs. 172-00000-BAT-04-0704. 1. USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Used with USB-BP Battery Pack and/or USB LS-450 Engineering Note. See the table below for included hardware and details