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  • USB User Guide
    in June of 1998 with the release of the Windows 98 OS, which was designed to support USB from its inception. In the six years following the release of Windows 98, over 1 Billion USB devices went online worldwide.
  • USB-ADP-PC Serial Adapter
    The USB-ADP-PC serial adapter is to be used with either the USB2000 or the HR2000 spectrometer when interfacing with PCs. To install the USB-ADP-PC adapter, refer to Figure 2 and use the following procedure: 1. Plug the connector (10 pin) into the spectrometer (right 10 pins on the HR2000). 2
  • USB-LS-450 Temperature Recalibration
    Periodically, the temperature sensor in the USB-LS-450 may require calibration. The user can accomplish this by exposing the temperature probe to two known temperatures. To recalibrate the temperature sensor, do the following: 1. Connect the USB2000, USB-LS450 and temperature probe together
  • USB-ADP-PX2 Serial Adapter
    . For the HR2000 Spectrometer, which has a 20-pin connector, use pins numbered 1-10 (see the diagram below): 2. Secure the USB-ADP-PX2 Serial Adapter in place with the included jackscrew. 3. Use the DB15 cable that came with your PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Light Source to connect from the PX-2 to the USB-ADP-PX2 Serial
  • ESD Protection USB 1.1 Data Lines (.pdf)
    of concern is the USB1.1 Controller. Without sufficient protection, the Controller chip can receive corrupted data or even worse - be rendered inoperable.
  • USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Connecting to Spectrometer, Light Source, and Battery Pack
    Spectrometer, which has a 20-pin connector, use pins numbered 1-10 2. Secure the USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter in place with the included jackscrew. 3. Connect one end of the DB9 serial cable to the USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter on the USB2000 or the HR2000 Spectrometer. Connect the other end to the Jornada handheld
  • Computer Power User Article - It's Time To Switch Things Up
    . Aten Master View Dual-View CS-1744 The compact, flexible CS-1744 is a 1-to-4 (one user to four CPUs) dual-VGA KVM switch with all the right bells and whistles. The unit is a clean metallic grey with four sets of LED-lit buttons and one USB port up front. In back are twin VGA, audio, and mouse
  • Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats (.pdf)
    such as mice, modems and keyboards (see Figure 1). Additionally, a single hub permits the connection of several USB devices by providing power through the communication cable itself, eliminating the need for individually powered peripherals. It also allows mixed high-speed communications between USB

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