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  • USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Used with USB-BP Battery Pack and/or USB LS-450 Light Source
    and secure it in place with the Jackscrew. Plug in the Jornada DB9 cable into the DB9 on the USB-ADP-H serial adapter. The S2000 spectrometer shown below assembled with USB Battery Pack, USB-LS-450 Light Source, USB-ADP-H serial adapter, and the Jornada Handheld PC. USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Used with USB
  • USB-ADP-PC Serial Adapter
    . Secure the connector in place with enclosed jackscrew. 3. Using the serial port DB9 cable, connect the USB 2000 or the HR2000 spectrometer to a PC. A USB-CBL-PS 5-volt power supply is required to complete the interface. USB-ADP-PC Serial Adapter. Engineering Note. Topic: USB-ADP-PC. Serial. Adapter
  • USB-ADP-PX2 Serial Adapter
    Cable. Pinouts. USB-ADP-PX2 DB15 Pin Outs. Pin 1. Single Strobe. Pin 2. Continuous Strobe. Pin 3. +5V. Pin 10 Gnd. Pin 13 Lamp Enable. 2. 173-00000-15PNF-04-0705. Document Outline. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��
  • USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Connecting to Spectrometer, Light Source, and Battery Pack
    Spectrometer, which has a 20-pin connector, use pins numbered 1-10 2. Secure the USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter in place with the included jackscrew. 3. Connect one end of the DB9 serial cable to the USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter on the USB2000 or the HR2000 Spectrometer. Connect the other end to the Jornada handheld
  • iLoad Mini Application Note
    the four wires within the cable to your instrumentation. The table below identifies the color coding of the wires and the pin-out of the USB Mini-B connector. iLoad Mini application note from Loadstar Sensors. MINI3 Sensor Application Note. Last Update 6/19/08. The iLoad Mini is shipped with a cable
  • Features of the StackableUSB TM Interface: A New Specification for I/O Expansion in Embedded PCs
    interface. desktop PC using a cable and. chips make design easy,. and many of the chips. An abundance of. include some of the. more common control. USB interface. functions that users of. chips make design. embedded systems. need. easy, and many of. StackableUSB 2.0 has. the chips include. faster throughput
  • HR4000 Spectrometer OEM Data Sheet
    and other embedded controllers through USB 2.0 or RS-232 communications. The information included in this guide provides detailed instructions on the connection and operation of the HR4000. The detector used in the HR4000 spectrometer is a high-sensitivity 3648-element CCD array from Toshiba, product
  • Designing RS-485 Circuits
    hardware and protocol requirements are simpler and cheaper. The RS-485 standard is flexible enough to provide a choice of drivers, receivers, and other components depending on the cable length, data rate, number of nodes, and the need to conserve power. 9901018-pub you use prebuilt cards