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Parts by Number for USB Com Port Converter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
2313559 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Interface converters - FL COMSERVER WLAN 232/422/485 - 2313559 FL COMSERVER WLAN..., to convert a serial RS-232/422/485 or USB interface to 54 Mbps WLAN Ethernet, supports TCP, UDP applications, incl. CD-ROM with Com Port Redirector Software and user documentation (PDF).
USB-COM232-PLUS1 Allied Electronics, Inc. FTDI CHIP Not Provided IC,SERIAL CONVERTER;USB-RS232;5V;1 DB9 PORT
USB-COM422-PLUS1 Allied Electronics, Inc. FTDI CHIP Not Provided IC,SERIAL CONVERTER;USB-RS422;5V;1 DB9 PORT
USB-COM485-PLUS1 Allied Electronics, Inc. FTDI CHIP Not Provided IC,SERIAL CONVERTER;USB-RS485;5V;1 DB9 PORT

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  • Bridging the Gap: USB Converters (.pdf)
    manage. up to 127 devices, depending on the PC resources, wiring, and USB hubs. Along with making peripheral instal ation nearly instant,. these expansion capabilities free up internal storage space on a computer, reduce external hardware costs, and eliminate the need. to set up of COM ports and IRQs
  • Useful Enhancements for Serial-to-Fiber Conversion
    way to diagnose what is wrong if the send/receive data are blocked, stopped, or an error occurs. In most cases, users will change the wiring to see if the failure was caused by improper wiring. Users may also try using a USB-to-serial converter to connect the converter to a laptop that can run
  • Laptop-to-Device Connections on Military Satellite Trucks
    for hardware and software. 2. Electrostatic protection and LED indicators designed for critical environments. 3. Small form factor and wall-mountable to save space. 4. Easy COM port configuration and plug & play capability. Key Products. UPort 1450: 4-port RS-232/422/485 USB-to-serial converter. Application
  • GPIB: Challenges and Potentials
    , and converters. This and similar technological trends indicate that GPIB is here to stay. Seeing it from the hardware's point of view, GPIB's interconnectivity with USB and LAN delivers faster integration and more convenient maintenance as it is no longer necessary to physically install an ISA/GPIB
  • What is Power over Ethernet?
    yourself exposed and unprotected!. 5/3/2011. Media Converters Solve Ethernet Distance Problems. 4/19/2011. Latching USB Technology. 4/12/2011. L-com's FCC-Certified 2.4GHz Amplifier Kits. 3/15/2011. LSZH for Data Cables. 3/2/2011. How to buy a passive PoE Injector/Tap. 2/15/2011. 2.4 GHz Omni
  • Connectivity - An Overview of Connectivity Technologies
    connectivity option, most notable for its ability to allow "hot " connect/disconnect of. multiple peripherals to a host. When supported by the host software, USB ports offer an "autodetect " feature that identifies new. devices and automatically asks to install the appropriate driver. USB can support
  • Embedded Serial Boards for Process Control Systems
    Servers. Embedded Networking. Fieldbus Solutions. Multiport Serial Boards. Industrial USB Converters/Hubs. Serial Media Converters. Surge Protectors. IP Surveillance. IP Cameras. Video Servers. Industrial Network Video Recorders. IP Surveillance Software. Video Accessories. Remote Automation. RTU
  • Designing RS-485 Circuits
    available and Inside Out. for RS-485 networks. the line and controlling the driver-. Networks has developed a USB–to–. enable inputs. RS-485 converter, also available from. In this article, I show you several. B &B Electronics. On microcontrollers,. circuits for RS-485 networks. Even if. you can connect