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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
USB-I2C-DIL Digi-Key Flexipanel Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC USB SYNC SRL I2C 28-DIL
USB-I2C-SS Digi-Key Flexipanel Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC USB SYNC SRL I2C 20-SSOP
I2C-CPEV Digi-Key Texas Instruments Programmers, Development Systems BOARD INTERFACE USB I2C
USB002 Digi-Key International Rectifier Integrated Circuits (ICs) USB TO I2C 8.5V
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  • Using the PIC Devices' SSP and MSSP Modules for Slave I2C Communication
    . CAN. Ethernet. Ethernet & Embedded Networking (SMSC). Infrared. LIN. Serial Peripherals. USB. USB (SMSC). Legacy 8051/80C51 MCUs. Memory. Serial EEPROM. Serial SRAM. Serial Flash. Parallel Flash. Motor Drivers PC Systems & I/O Controllers (SMSC) Power Management. Battery Management. Charge Pumps
  • Express104 Modules Upgrade PC/104 Installed Base with SUMIT Interface
    #. SMB/I2C_ALERT#. Pin 8. much more protracted and complicated. Pin 9. EXPCD_PRSNT#. SPI/uWire_DO. Pin 10. process than ever before. It appears that. Pin 11. USB_OC#. SPI/uWire_DI. Pin 12. multiple approaches will reach the mar-. Pin 13. Reserved. SPI/uWire_CLK. Pin 14. ket, placing the burden on OEM design. Pin
  • Features of the StackableUSB TM Interface: A New Specification for I/O Expansion in Embedded PCs
    into embedded board-level products, for example, the evolution of Stackable USB developed by Micro/sys. ��. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS SPECIAL. Features of the. StackableUSB interface. A new specification for I/O expansion in embedded PCs. that allow flexibility in their design. USB goes embedded with. BY SUSAN
  • ADC1000 OEM Data Sheet
    speed 8051, combined with an USB ASIC. Program code and data coefficients are stored in external E2PROM, which are loaded at boot-up via the I2C bus. The microcontroller has 8K of internal SRAM and 128K of external SRAM. Due to memory mapping and paging constraints, only 96K of the external SRAM
  • Capturing and Troubleshooting Serial Data Signals
    variety of serial data standards have come into use. Here, we will concentrate on using digital oscilloscopes for testing and troubleshooting some of the most popular low speed serial data protocols: I2C, SPI, RS-232 and generic UARTs. Many of the techniques also apply to other serial data protocols
  • HR2000 Spectrometer OEM Data Sheet
    % at 435 nm. Spectrometer Channels. One. Environmental Conditions: Temperature. -30 to +70 C Storage & -10 to +50 C Operation. Humidity. 0% - 90% noncondensing. Interfaces: USB. USB 1.1, 12 Mbps. RS-232. 2-wire RS-232. 194-00000-000-05-201009. 3. HR2000 Data Sheet. Mechanical Diagram. Figure 1
  • HR4000 Spectrometer OEM Data Sheet
    Channels. One. Environmental Conditions: Temperature. -30° to +70° C Storage & -10° to +50° C Operation. Humidity. 0% - 90% non-condensing. Interfaces: USB. USB 2.0, 480 Mbps. RS-232. 2-wire RS-232. I2C. Inter-Integrated Circuit 2-Wire serial BUS. SPI. 3-Wire. 210-00000-000-05-0209. 3. HR4000 Data
  • E²Brain TM A Revolutionary New Approach to Embedded Computers (.pdf)
    for specific application areas: • 2 CAN interfaces. • PCI(-X) 64-bit extension. • CompactFlash IDE interface. • Graphics interface CRT/LVDS. • USB. • PS/2. • High speed system interconnect (e.g. RapidIO™, PCI-Express). • Up to 2 UTOPIA (16-bit) interfaces. • Up to 4 (G)MII (Media Independent

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