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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MBX USB-RS232 Newark / element14 FLUKE Not Provided FLUKE - MBX USB-RS232 - CONVERTER
USB-RS232 Tequipment.Net Summit Technology Not Provided USB to RS-232 Converter for PowerSight PS250/3000/4000
USB-RS232-PCBA ASAP Semiconductor FTDI Not Provided MODULE, USB A TO RS232 PCB CONVERTOR; SVHC:No SVHC (18-Jun-2010)
USB-RS232 Not Provided Communications / Serial / Telephone Modems 6 ft. USB to RS-232C serial adapter cable transparently connects serial devices to PC applications via a USB port. USB-A male connector to 9-pin D-shell male connector. If needed, drivers can be downloaded from (choose USB-RS232 adapter
MBX USB-RS232 ASAP Semiconductor FLUKE Not Provided Not Provided
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  • Migrating Applications to USB from RS-232 UART with Minimal Impact on PC Software
    The RS-232 serial interface is no longer a common port found on a personal computer (PC). This is a problem because many embedded applications use the RS-232 interface to communicate with external systems, such as PCs. A solution is to migrate the application to the Universal Serial Bus (USB
  • USB User Guide
    Our exclusive USB User Guide is designed to address all of your questions regarding USB technology. Whether you 're looking for a basic technical primer on the subject, or require more specific information on which USB cable is right for your application, Amphenol has you covered
  • Bridging the Gap: USB Converters (.pdf)
    to industrial users, who still rely on RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces to communicate with their computer systems. To solve this connectivity gap, USB converters are more vital than ever. ./340597b0-22be-4b01-b3d2-1012d326ab54 Bridging the Gap: USB Converters. Essential Components for. Today
  • USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Used with USB-BP Battery Pack and/or USB LS-450 Light Source
    spectrometer shown below assembled with USB Battery Pack, USB-LS-450 Light Source,. USB-ADP-H serial adapter, and the Jornada Handheld PC. 2. 172-00000-BAT-04-0704. USB-ADP-H Serial Adapter Used with USB-BP Battery Pack Engineering Note. Pinouts. USB-ADP-H DB9 Pin Out. Pin 2. RS232 Rx. Pin 3. RS232
  • USB-ADP-PC Serial Adapter
    using the USB-ADP-PC adapter. Pinouts. USB-ADP-PC DB9 Pin Out. Pin 2. RS232 Tx. Pin 3. RS232 Rx. Pin 5. Gnd. Pin 8. ExtTrigIn. Pin 9. AnalogOut. 2. 173-00000-9PNF-04-0704. Document Outline. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��
  • ESD Protection USB 2.0 Data Lines (.pdf)
    ) and shunt the ESD. into the data port, it will travel. transient from the data line to the. through the connector to the PC. ground. board. Once on the PC board, it. Capacitance and Signal. Integrity. 12 Mbps. 480 Mbps. In previous generations of I/O. protocols (RS232, USB 1.1, 10BaseT. Ethernet, etc
  • Using a USB Flash Drive with an Embedded Host
    AN1145 Using a USB Flash Drive with an Embedded Host THE DATA LOGGER APPLICATION Author: Kim Otten Microchip Technology Inc. This application stores two types of data: * Low data rate monitoring. This is done by polling the on-board potentiometer approximately once INTRODUCTION per second
  • USB Mass Storage Device Reference Design Programmer's Guide
    Flow. components. Windows Explorer or. HyperTerminal. Other Application. Driver Stack. Driver Stack. USB Host Controller. RS232 Serial Port. PC. USB Function. Temp. Sensor. Controller. RS232. Transceiver. ADC. UART. USB. MCU. Push. Buttons. Mass Storage. Example. External HW Peripherals. Signal