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  • A Wireless Magnetoresistive Sensing System for an Intraoral Tongue-Computer Interface
    (a) Showing the covered iTDS charging cup, 27 MHz Rx antenna, smartphone holding functions, and hardwired connection to a PWC. utilizes three input power sources: 12 V from PWC, 5 V for USB , and 3.7 V from a built-in 2000 mAh Li-Ion recharge- able battery located on the 3rd floor, with priority given to the highest available voltage source.
  • A Large Bandwidth and Dynamic Range Magnetic Field Probe
    It is designed to cover all existing standards for magnetic field measurement from below 1 Hz up to above 400 kHz. The minimum detectable field is linearly decreasing between 1 Hz and approx. 1 kHz, above which the 5 pT equivalent internal noise level meets even the most demanding EMC requirements imposed by UK military standard [ 12 ]. … display, where measurement results are synthesized as ICNIRP index for residential and occupational applications, the total rms value and the amplitude of the three axis components; 2) a USB PC connection for downloading … … features a IV output voltage with approx. 120dB dynamic …
  • Autonomous aero-visual and sensor based inspection network for asset monitoring
    The unit measures 20 inches long, with a ready- to -fly weight of 2lbs. which includes … … of on- board mass storage (upgradeable), USB 2.0 support, wired … … and DC-DC switching voltage regulators for powering 12 , 6, 5 , and 3.3 volt … … it can fly at a wide variety of altitudes. one single MAV can cover several miles of …
  • Experimental performance evaluation of battery powered small-scale reverse osmosis desalination system
    For instance, when there is cloud cover , the solar energy might be insufficient in providing the required electricity to the system due to which the operating pressure might fall below osmotic pressure. … system are water pumps to provide the system with high pressure water, two 12 Vdc batteries connected … … monitoring the salinity of both the feed water and the product water, a 24Vdc 20Amps H­ bridge motor driver [7] used to drive the two pumps simultaneously by varying their control voltages from 0 to 5 Volts, USB 6009 [8] which is …
  • Remote controlled bio-stimulator and animal behavior analysis system
    The power supply in the PC side is derived from the USB port of the host PC by a voltage conversion chip (MAX202) from 12 V to TTL voltage ( 5 V), which is very convenient and practical especially for outside usage. … fixed over the observation area for about 2.5m high, which provides full coverage of the experimental …
  • LTE terminal for maritime applications
    Section III details some preliminary analysis about the coverage distance using a simple propagation model. It consists of a UE (User Equipment) module (Fig. 1b) which includes the LTE modem connected to the CPU (central processing unit) through a USB connection (e.g. the Huawei LTE modem [1]) or through a mini PCIe bus (e.g SIERRA … The CPU is powered by a power supply module converting the DC voltage , available aboard the ship, to 5 V and 12 V DC.
  • Direct interaction with an assistive robot for individuals with chronic stroke
    The skin pieces measure 13-1/2” x 12-1/2” and 11-1/2” x 12 -1/2 for the … Two wires (data, power) are attached securely to each side of the upper link switch by using … The elbow covering was constructed so that it is not possible to activate the skin by touching … An input voltage of 5 V is applied across the skin, and the output voltage was measured using a USB -6218 data acquisition card (National Instruments).
  • Functional Coupling of Valvular Interstitial Cells and Collagen Via α2 β1 Integrins in the Mitral Leaflet
    The 4-well cover glass chamber was suspended above the microscope objec- tive using a small metal … The load cell was powered using a 12 V battery that delivered 10 V DC to the load cell through the use of a voltage divider. Output from the load cell was captured by a USB data acquisition kit (USB 6008, National Instruments … Force Generation Studies Small (~1 cm 9 5 mm) circumferential strips of the central, bare area of …
  • Use and imaging performance of CMOS flat panel imager with LiF/ZnS(Ag) and Gadox scintillation screens for neutron radiography
    Voltage signals from the CMOS photodiode array are digitized to 12 bit resolution through an analog-to digital converters (ADCs). The acquired 12-bit image data are transferred and saved through a USB cable to the corresponding … The electronic readout part of CMOS flat panel detector was covered by the boron material sheets for protection from direct neutron flux damage [ 5 –7]. .
  • A Magnetic Field Probe With MHz Bandwidth and 7-Decade Dynamic Range
    It has been designed to cover all existing standards of magnetic field measurement from below 1 Hz up to above 400 kHz, and it is usable down to approximately 0.1 Hz and up to 1 MHz. The mDF is linearly decreasing between 1 Hz and approximately 1 kHz, above which the 5 -pT equivalent internal noise level meets even the most demanding EMC requirements imposed by the U.K. military standard [ 12 ]. … ICNIRP index for residential and occupational applications or IEEE Band-I and -II values, the total RMS value, and the amplitude of the three axis components; 2) a USB PC connection for downloading … … a 2-V output voltage with approximately 140-dB …
  • Experimental evaluation of a WSN platform power consumption
    The consumed current of a TelosB processor board, according to its datasheet [14], is in the range of tens of micro to mili Amperes, which requires special design of the measuring system to cover such wide range and sensitivity. The PCMS employed is presented in Figure 2 and consists of a DATA TRANSLATION device DT9816 [ 12 ], a specifically developed current-to- voltage converter (CVC) for input to this device and an external power supply. The whole PCMS is connected through USB to a PC. … • A/D resolution of 16 bits and analog input ranges of +/-10V and +/- 5 V.
  • HIOKI USA | Manufacturing leader in advanced test and measurement equipment
    Max. allowable input : DC 50V, Max. rated voltage between channels : 33V AC, 70V DC, Max. rated voltage to earth : 600 V DC, AC, (Upper limit voltage that does not cause … … applied between CH-1 to CH- 5 each channel and chassis … Interface LAN : supports 100Base-TX, USB : Ver 2.0, mini-B receptacle, CF card slot … Using the AC ADAPTER 9418-15 /20 VA (when connected with 8 units), 12 V Battery (voltage … … ×1, Connection Plate ×1, CD-R (data collection software "LOGGER UTILITY") ×1, Connector cover ×1, Ferrite clamp …