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  • Laser ENgraving and Cutting on Plastics
    | Trotec USA. Laser Machines. Applications. Materials. Acrylic. Delrin. Films & Foils. Foam & Filters. Glass. Laminates. Leather. Metal. Paper. Plastics. Rubber. Stone. Textiles. Wood. Samples. About Trotec. Support. Contact. Plastic Laser Cutting Machines. Laser cutting and engraving PP, PET, PC
  • Laser Engraving Equipment - Features, Accessories and other Must-haves (.pdf)
    or cut will fit nicely in the upper left. hand corner of your engraving machine. That’s why most manufacturers offer a moveable “home. position” on their systems. This feature makes it possible to engrave irregularly-shaped pieces by. allowing you to create a temporary “home” position anywhere
  • Laser Engraving and Marking Metals
    and Engraving Metals. Laser marking steel, aluminum, silver, and many other metals. Metals are considered very robust and durable materials and are available in many different types. Laser marking has proved successful for etching metals owing to its durability and the fact that it does not damage the material
  • *The Ins and Outs of Glass Engraving
    engraving job, it's very important to test your speed. and power settings on the type of glass you'll be using. Determining the perfect. settings will ensure the machine produces exactly the look you want and will help. you avoid having to run the project through a second time. . Keep in mind
  • Laser Engraving Equipment Exhaust
    it to the outside of your building structure. People are always. surprised at the amount of smoke that is created, especially when engraving wood, if they forget. to turn their exhaust fan on! The exhaust blower should be operating whenever you use your. machine. Where do I place my exhaust blower
    . during the engraving process can be an especially. systems, the ability to install bearings on less substantial. abrasive contaminant, one that could drastically shorten. machine surfaces is particularly important. These. the working life of linear bearings. Rollon’s bearing. machines don’t need
  • Laser Engraving Tips and Tricks for Glassware (.pdf)
    Engraving on glass and crystal can produce stunning results. From engraving the names of the bride and groom on wedding champagne flutes to etching a company logo on a set of beer mugs and beyond, glass etching and engraving creates a sense of sophistication and beauty that is very popular among
  • Settings for Success: Techniques for Most Popular Engraving Materials (.pdf)
    and power settings depend mainly on two things: the first is the material you're engraving or cutting, and the second is the wattage of the machine you're using. On some materials such as wood, the higher wattage the machine, the faster you can set the speed to get to the same engraving depth

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