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  • Spherical Mirrors-Image
    Spherical Mirrors - (88 companies) center thickness or edge thickness. Focal length is the distance from the spherical mirror the light converges. Mirror material refers to the classification of the material used to make spherical mirrors. The material used influences the reflectivity... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Optical Mirrors - (382 companies) the radius of curvature for the mirror. There are two thickness measurements for optical mirrors: center thickness and edge thickness. Units of measure include inches, feet, and yards; nanometers, centimeters, and millimeters, and miles... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Parabolic Mirrors - (37 companies) the distance from the mirror the light converges. Materials. Parabolic mirrors can be supplied in a variety of materials. Mirror material refers to the classification of the material used to make the mirror. The material used influences... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Spherometers - (5 companies)
    ...and accuracy. Measurement range parameters include radius convex, radius concave, and the diameter of the part under test. Spherometers that are designed for use with linear encoders may also list specifications such as linear encoder travel, a measurement... Learn More
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    Spherical Lenses - (219 companies)
    ...or divergent, lenses spread (or diverge) light, effectively performing in an opposite manner when compared to positive lenses. Meniscus lenses, which effectively combine convex and concave lenses, can be positive or negative, depending on which side... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Diffraction Gratings - (56 companies)
    A diffraction grating uses a substrate with parallel grooves to disperse light into its spectra. Eschelles are included in this area. Diffraction gratings are optical elements that are similar to lenses or mirrors. Diffraction gratings... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Reflectors - (53 companies)
    ...reflectors are a circular segment from one side of a full paraboloid. The focal point is off the mechanical axis, giving full access to the reflector focus area. Unlike standard parabolic mirrors, these mirrors direct and focus incident collimated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Manufacturing Services - (274 companies)
    ...optical blanks from optical materials. Other production processes use diffraction optics, fiber optics, laser optics, or polarizing optics. Diffraction optics uses the diffraction of light to manipulate light. Fiber optics conducts, amplifies, attenuates... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Telescopes - (58 companies)
    ...mirror. Typically, this mirror is a glass disk ground into a concave or parabolic shape. The mirror in reflecting telescopes is also coated with a thin film of silver or aluminum to make it highly reflective. By contrast, catadioptric telescopes use... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Microscopes - (705 companies)
    ...and the lens system below the stage. A confocal microscope or laser microscope uses a laser-to-light image one plane of a specimen at a time. Polarized light microscopes use two polarizers. These polarizers are perpendicular to each other so... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...measurement. Averaging several dynamic measurements cancels. the effect of turbulence, leaving only the optic’s shape in the measurement data. Measuring Large Concave Mirrors. Telescope mirror manufacturers, such as the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, have mastered techniques for. producing lightweight...

...while providing a simple, cost-effective. design. Additional mirrors and mirror mounts are not necessary in concave aberration corrected grating designs. 3) System straylight parameters. 2. The process of manufacturing holographic gratings makes the grating surface smoother than ruled gratings...

Direct-Direct. Direct-Scattered (Reference). Scattered-Direct (Test). Scattered-Scattered. Focusing. Lens. Interferogram. Mirror. Under Test. Imaging. Scatterplate. Lens. (Near center of curvature of. mirror being tested). Figure 1. Scatterplate Interferometer for Testing Concave Mirrors. It seems...

...example of the secondary advantages offered by the diamond turning manufacturing process. In this example, the expander is an off-axis concave parabola. The substrate has been constructed with precision mounting diameters and a locating pinhole precisely spaced from the back end of the optic...

...improvements have. EPP2000C UV-VIS spectrometer, consists of an aberration. been made to ruggedize miniature fiber optic. corrected concave grating with no mirrors and a securely. mounted detector. There are no moving parts for portable. spectrometers for industrial and portable applications...

...and electronics leads to more compact, rugged and less expensive instrumentation. The use. of holographic concave gratings and CCD linear array detectors has made it possible to construct robust, sensitive. spectrometers ideal for deployment in rocketry and space missions. In this paper, we exploit...

...medical components offers continuous conical-needle grinding capabilities. The process produces mirror-finish parts with ultraprecision tips. Applications include solid conical points with straight linear tapers, and convex/concave or bullet-shaped profiles. Chamfered tubing and tapered pins can also...

...frequencies, as is the case with positive GDD. Figure. concave spherical mirror and then focused into a thin. 3.2d shows the contribution of third order dispersion. nonlinear medium. For this application, the nonlinear. Similar to the SHG FROG, the SD FROG trace also displays a. medium...

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