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  • Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometry Characterization of
    Small, portable ultraviolet and visible spectrometers can be used to characterize the combustion and. regression rates of hybrid rocket and other combustion emission plumes. In this study, two spectrometers,. operating in the ultraviolet and visible ranges, were used to measure the hydroxyl radical
  • Mini-D2T & CHEM2000 (ISS-UV-VIS) Lamp Replacement
    The Mini-D2T and CHEM2000 ISS-UV-VIS light sources emit ultraviolet and visible light at approximately 200-1100nm. The lamp for these light sources has a lifetime of 800 to 1000 hours of standard use and must be replaced after its life ends or when it becomes weak and unstable. The following
  • UV-VIS Spectroscopy of Tannins and Phenols in Red Wine
    Measurement of wine color and tannins involves spectroscopic analysis in the UV and visible region. The test protocols are complex and are hampered by the need make multiple wavelength measurements. A typical spectrophotometer can only make one wavelength measurement at a time. In addition
  • Living anionic polymerization of methyl methacrylate
    part of the cell. and is collimated by another lens fixed to the cell to be guided. through an optical fiber to a charge-coupled device (CCD)-type UV–. visible spectrometer (Stellar Net Inc., EPP2000C). A 2 mm thick cell connected to a glass tube was used for SANS and. UVvisible spectroscopic
  • Spectroscopic Diagnostics of an Atmospheric Microwave Plasma
    carried out to better understand this particular. atmospheric pressure plasma torch. An experimental device has been modified with. extra visible access for radial and axial profile measurements. Diffraction limited fiber. optic plasma views and high-resolution grating spectrometer instrumentation
  • Spectroscopy and Colorimetry
    is not dependent on a viewer, it can describe spectra beyond the visible (380-720nm), including UV and IR radiation. Spectral data can be used to analyze and predict metamerism. Spectral data can be translated into colorimetric or densitometric data with a few calculations. 404 Page Not Found | Edmund Optics
  • OH Emission Spectra of Hybrid Rocket Motors Using
    . also be determined. Spectra obtained can be used to calculate species concentrations and temperatures, both. spatially and temporally, in rocket exhaust plumes. In this paper we report our findings from a study of the emission. spectra of hybrid rocket exhaust plumes in the ultraviolet, UV, visible
  • Medical Device Link .
    the spectrometer. "Although changes in extinction that occur within the visible range of wavelengths can often be viewed by the eye, the spectrometer provides a quantitative measure of spectral shifts as a function of binding events between antibodies and antigens at the particle surface, " says Paige Hall

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