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  • UV Coatings: Basics, Recent Developments and New Applications
    UV Coatings: Basics, Recent Developments and New Applications. Exploring the technology, curing process, equipment necessary, raw materials used, and the advantages and drawbacks, this text focuses on recent developments, like UV powder coatings, and new applications, like DVD bonding
  • UV Curing Adhesives Shine
    -to-bond materials such as. CoaTing JobS. pretreated polyester and polyimide films, sputtered metal. films and high-purity alumina ceramics. Other common. An increasingly important use for UV curing. substrates include glass, silicon and other semiconductor. compound involves their use in spin coating
  • Don't Overlook UV Sensing
    range of 350 mm. existing materials (plastics, for example). • Spot size. A sensor that can focus. with minimal effect on their properties,. the UV light down to a spot only a few. while various coatings can be applied by. millimeters wide can detect smaller. any number of methods—printing, brush
  • UV Curable Masking Technical Article
    Equipment. SPECIAL APPLICATIONS. Non-Skid Coatings. Cosmetics Manufacturing. Dental Labs. Fur & Hide Processing. Composite Lumber. Microdermabrasion. Search. UV-CURABLE MASKING RESINS | MASKING RESIN GRADES | MASKING TECHNICAL ARTICLE
  • Pulsed UV Curing For Blue Laser Media
    with a single. used to cure lacquer coatings on CDs). strike of a hammer. Pulsed UV, like the. Pulsed UV light provides high-intensity. hammer, delivers light at high peak. pulses, with better penetration ability,. power for deep penetration. while maintaining a low average power. The high peak power UV
  • Pulsed UV Light For Heat Sensitive Continuous Motion Applications (.pdf)
    . Recent advances in lamp geometries, pulse rates and lamp wattages are making pulsed UV lamps the solution of choice for heat sensitive continuous motion applications such as wood coating. Illustrating the benefits of applying this technology to wood coating is Delle Vedove USA new vacuum coating
  • UV Curing Adhesives and Potting Compounds
    . Ultraviolet curable formulations are materials that cure (harden or polymerize) when exposed to ultraviolet light. Epoxies Etc... has developed an extensive line of UV curing products designed to fit a wide range of electronic, aerospace, decorative, and medical device applications. Ultraviolet light
  • Medical Device Link . Lubricious Coating Developed for Stainless-Steel Medical Devices Luminescence Detector Reads Invisible UV Markings E-Beam Sterilization System Designed for In-House Use
    Inspection Luminescence Detector Reads Invisible UV Markings Can be used to confirm bonds in medical assemblies BALLUFF INC. (Florence, KY) has developed a luminescence detector that reads invisible UV markings on various materials to verify critical processes, provide presence and position

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