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  • UV Curing Adhesives and Potting Compounds
    . Ultraviolet curable formulations are materials that cure (harden or polymerize) when exposed to ultraviolet light. Epoxies Etc... has developed an extensive line of UV curing products designed to fit a wide range of electronic, aerospace, decorative, and medical device applications. Ultraviolet light
  • Pulsed UV Curing for Blue Laser Media
    Among the many new challenges for manufacturers of third generation media are the issues of bonding and. curing; pulsed UV curing may be an effective solution.
  • UV Curing Adhesives Shine
    Adhesive products have different ease-of-use characteristics. Some must be precisely weighed and mixed prior to. use. Some need a carefully controlled heat cycle to cure. properly. Some have a precarious pot life. Some offer a. narrow window of open time. And then there are the UV. curable
  • UV Curing of Adhesives
    Lumen Dynamics is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of light-based delivery systems. Our focus is within the following market applications: Lumen Dynamics Group Inc. is certified under the globally recognized ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental
  • Pulsed UV Curing for DVD Production
    Pulsed curing technology allows light to penetrate through opaque materials efficiently and thus. avoids heat-induced substrate damage.
  • Medical Device Link . UV Curing Device Plays Integral Role in Bonding Guidewires
    North American physicians perform an estimated 1 million angioplasty procedures each year. Essential to the success of these procedures are guidewires the rails over which all other devices used in angioplasty must travel. These guidewires are made up of stainless-steel and gold-platinum components
  • UV-Cure Adhesives 101
    UV-curing adhesives can help get manufacturers out of sticky situations. A technician uses a UV curable adhesive for perimeter bonding an optic component to a metallic part. Organic adhesives usually contain solvents and various diluents or are composed of two components which must be carefully
  • Tech Tip 9 - UV Cure Adhesives
    UV curing adhesives offer a convenient way to quickly cure a product in specific applications. These types of chemistries offer two fundamentally different cure mechanisms, cationic or free radical, with varying cure parameters as well as end properties.

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