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  • Night Vision Technologies
    technologies used in low light cameras where we supply Cathode face plates made from UV Grade fused silica and IR water free fused silica. Also used in this technology are Coherent Fibre Optics where we are able to supply magnifier fibre optic tapers machined and ready to cement to CCD chips or flat
  • LEDs Line Up to Illuminate Web Inspections
    in systems that may require broadband or narrow-band illumination sources such as ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR). On- or off-axis. Just as with other types of illumination, the selection of line lights and linescan cameras in web-inspection systems depends greatly on the material to be inspected
  • Color Machine Vision Goes Beyond the Visible
    machine vision, but many of these applications are now looking beyond red, green, and blue color channels to the infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) spectral bands to find defects and make measurements that cannot be made using only visible light, while other color systems use combinations of colored
  • LED Backlight Technology White Paper
    ½ life. • Power considerations. • AC Device - typically requires inverter for power conversion. • Inverter circuits require @1/4 square inch of PCB space. • High voltage and frequency (40-80 Vac & 600-1200Hz). • Inverter and lamp emit EMI and RFI. • UV ages phosphor. 2.3 General applications for EL