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  • Solar Resistant Optical Fiber and Method
    Solar resistant fused silica optical fiber is made by heating the starter rod, drawing the fiber, and preferably immediately diffusing hydrogen into the fiber, then promptly covering the hydrogen diffused fiber with hermetic coating to trap the hydrogen within the fiber. The presence of hydrogen
  • Night Vision Technologies
    technologies used in low light cameras where we supply Cathode face plates made from UV Grade fused silica and IR water free fused silica. Also used in this technology are Coherent Fibre Optics where we are able to supply magnifier fibre optic tapers machined and ready to cement to CCD chips or flat
  • Quartz Viewport Transmission Curve
    All MDC quartz viewports are constructed from UV grade fused silica. Sleeve and flange materials are manufactured from high purity 304 stainless steel and vacuum tube grade braze alloys are designed and rated for high and ultrahigh vacuum applications. Fused silica is a polycrystalline, isotropic
  • Quartz Crystals
    Quartz crystals are found in a mined mineral formed as well as man-made fused quartz forms. Fused quartz is a high purity, crystalline form of silica used in specialized applications such as semiconductor wafer boats, furnace tubes, bell jars or quartzware, silicon melt crucibles, high performance
  • The Best of Pittcon 2007
    with company founder Jim Waters, Meanwhile, fellow Silver winner Paraytec s ActiPix capillary-based UV absorbance detectors and spectrophotometers use a patented technology to extend the use of UV Vis. The ActiPix D100 combines the self focusing capabilities of fused silica capillaries with
  • Advances in Near Field Holographic Grating Mask Technology
    Near field holographic (NFH) printing of first-order grat-ings using fused silica phase grating masks ' and polymer replica gratings4 has been demonstrated to be an alternative Method of printing grating structures for semiconductor lasers.2"4 A similar technique but using far field holography has
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Optics: Part 1
    errors (aberrations). Different glasses also have different transmission ranges. For applications dealing with the UV spectrum, special glass types such as Fused Silica or Quartz need to be used. For the visible spectrum many glass types can be used such as BK7, B270 and others. Many of these same
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Jan '2000)
    An automated deep-UV spectrophotometer measures samples of thin-film coatings, photoresists, silicon wafers, deep-UV optics, dry fused silica, and calcium fluoride under vacuum or purged conditions. The CAMS-507 DUV provides precise, repeatable reflectance, absorption, and transmission measurements