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  • Computer Power User Article - Light My Fire
    fluorescent lamps have a different coating that filters most light wavelengths, producing only UV-A (an ultraviolet light that's less harmful than other UV wavelengths) and purplish light. Incandescent blacklights are just regular household bulbs with filters that emit only UV-A and a violet glow
  • Care and Handling of LCDs - AN821
    best be removed by applying some hi-tack adhesive tape to it, and then peeling the tape back. Ultra-violet light will deteriorate an LCD over time. All Planar LCDs using a front polarizer are equipped with a UV-reduction filter, however even these filters are subject to damage and loss
  • A Spectroscopy Guide for PAT
    of fluorescing is "multidirectional, " the detectors are placed perpendicular to the incident light. Thus, unlike UV/Vis, small absorbances (followed by emission) and not the total ouput of the light source are seen against a "dark " background. This allows for detection of trace amounts of analyte
    characteristics. General-purpose acrylic grades contain a comonomer, added during the polymerization process, to facilitate flow during injection molding and extrusion. Specialty grades are formulated to perform in applications requiring high impact strength and heat resistance. UV-light-transmitting
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Feb 99)
    resolution. Its Aerial II illuminator provides a transmission of 248-nm-wavelength light. Overlay accuracy using a through-the-lens phase-grating alignment system is specified at <40 nm for single-machine and <60 nm for matched-machine applications. The tool's Athena alignment scheme uses two
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Oct. '98, p.110)
    and a pressure-relief valve. Clamped to the base with a large O-ring, the chamber has two quick-disconnect fittings for filling and purging. The chamber is made of low-outgassing transparent molded poly- urethane which blocks UV light at a rate of 2% below 250 nm. The filter in the nitrogen input line is rated

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