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  • Pulsed UV Light Systems in Clean Room Isolators
    HEPA filters and the construction of walls or barriers. The ultimate success of the clean room device depends upon the ability to transport materials into and out of the clean work environment without the introduction of microbial contamination. Xenon pulsed UV light systems are designed to work
  • Pulsed UV Light For Heat Sensitive Continuous Motion Applications (.pdf)
    and roll coating equipment. Pulsed UV Light for Heat Sensitive Continuous Motion Applications. Pulsed UV Light. For Heat Sensitive Continuous Motion. Applications. Kent Kipling. Xenon Corporation. Wilmington, MA. USA. Abstract. The inherent benefits of high intensity pulsed UV lamps - low heat, excellent
  • UV Curing Adhesives Shine
    compounds. This diverse group of adhesives, sealants and encapsulants. cures only when activated by a suitable UV light source. As. one-component materials, they don't require labor intensive. weighing or mixing steps. With the exception of special. dual-cure systems, UV curable compounds require no heat
  • UV Blocking Glass Benefits for Dental Curing Lights (.pdf)
    that it properly. resembles the original tooth. Originally, when these dental curing lights were invented, they were designed to emit UV light which. interacted with the composites used at that time in order to polymerize them. Over the years since. then it was discovered that there are composites
  • Don't Overlook UV Sensing
    , at the high end of the price/performance scale, carry out tasks ranging from determining the product's orientation on the assembly line to verifying the correct placement of labels. There's yet another type of light-based detector, the UV fluorescence (sometimes called luminescence) sensor
  • UV Treatment FAQs
    UV254, also known as the Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC), is a water quality test parameter which utilizes light at the UV 254nm wavelength to be able to detect organic matter in water and wastewater. This is due to the fact that most organic compounds absorb light at the UV 254nm wavelength
  • Consider UV Inspection
    techniques are those that possess fluorescent characteristics or absorb (block) UV light, or where UV tracer may be added to an existing process to provide a reliable detection method. Fluorescence is the emission of visible light as a result of excitation by ultraviolet (UV) light, the emission ceasing
  • Pulsed UV Treatment for Sanitization and Sterilization
    to the discovery in 1877 by Downes and Blount (1) that ultraviolet light can damage microorganisms. In 1928 F.L. Gates (2) made the formal discovery that specific monochromatic wavelengths of UV light are bactericidal. The physical mechanism connecting specific wavelengths of light with specific molecular

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