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  • Short Path Length, UV Transparent Cuvettes (.pdf)
    Bio Micro Solutions Newsletter - August 27, 2007 Short Path Length, UV Transparent Cuvettes perfect for Spectroscopy of Optically Opaque Tannins and Phenols Easy- fill SpecVette TM permits dilution-free measurement of red wine samples in a disposable cell. The quality and health benefits
  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer Analyzer Comparison
    The Moxtek (R) Proflux (R) UVD260 and UVD240 analyzers provide superior broadband performance in spectroscopy applications ranging from 240nm in the Deep UV up to 3.3μm in the mid-wavelength infrared. Moxtek Proflux designs utilize wafer-scale aluminum Nanowire (R) fabrication technology
  • UV-VIS Spectroscopy of Tannins and Phenols in Red Wine
    Measurement of wine color and tannins involves spectroscopic analysis in the UV and visible region. The test protocols are complex and are hampered by the need make multiple wavelength measurements. A typical spectrophotometer can only make one wavelength measurement at a time. In addition
  • Silicone Lenses for LEDs Resist UV and High-Temperature Operation
    Over the years, various materials have been used for optics attached closely to the LED chip, beginning with epoxy used directly for the housing of the well-known 5mm LEDs, for example. Today, materials such as PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, also known as perspex or acrylic), PMMI (polymethyl
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Optics: Part 1
    errors (aberrations). Different glasses also have different transmission ranges. For applications dealing with the UV spectrum, special glass types such as Fused Silica or Quartz need to be used. For the visible spectrum many glass types can be used such as BK7, B270 and others. Many of these same
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Jan '2000)
    An automated deep-UV spectrophotometer measures samples of thin-film coatings, photoresists, silicon wafers, deep-UV optics, dry fused silica, and calcium fluoride under vacuum or purged conditions. The CAMS-507 DUV provides precise, repeatable reflectance, absorption, and transmission measurements
  • MICRO: Industry News: 'Round the Circuit (October 2000)
    Corning responds to UV need Corning will focus more manufacturing priorities on ULE ultralow-expansion glass for lithography use in response to advanced chipmaking requirements, the vendor announced. The glass is suitable for use in extreme UV and other next-generation lithography technologies
  • Medical Device Link .
    Maker of MIS Instruments Finds Cure for Underperforming Bonds A UV-cure system is key to achieving the precise, repeatable assembly of a device designed to unblock arteries. To remove plaque buildup in arteries, percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) is a less-invasive alternative

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