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762 PLC Radwell Wedgewood Technology Sensors & Switches, Transmitter UV MONITOR TRANSMITTER
660 PLC Radwell Wedgewood Technology Sensors & Switches, Transmitter UV ANALYZER TRANSMITTER

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  • Medical Device Link . Protecting Devices from Radio-Frequency Transmitters New EMC guidelines will help engineers test and manage electromagnetic interference from nearby transmitters.
    of the health-care organization by performing electromagnetic interference testing. Dan Hoolihan is vice president of T UV Product Service (New Brighton, MN). The C63.18 Recommended Practice may be ordered from ANSI, 11 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036; 212/642-4900; fax 212/302-1286. TIR 18 may
  • Safety Critical Protection Systems: Implementing Pressure Sensor Signal Redundancy to Lower Costs
    if a hazardous condition is detected. Therefore, the probability of a dangerous failure is substantially reduced. This solution increases the process security and is cost effective since the mechanical and electrical installation costs are clearly lower than installing two individual pressure sensors. T UV
  • Medical Device Link .
    is an example. What if an amplifier, looking for a signal of perhaps 10 uV, is hit with 10 V of RF, say from a handheld radio transmitter? Will the amplifier respond? Yes, but in an unpredictable manner. Don 't count on common-mode rejection in an amplifier --it ceases to be effective at radio
  • Medical Device Link .
    for each national approval. Figure 2. A national approval mark for Germany issued by T UV Product Service GmbH. Because only a few frequency ranges are harmonized in Europe (ISM bands), a manufacturer could conceivably have to produce transmitters and receivers operating at specific national
  • Medical Device Link . EMI Testing in Medical Electronics
    of time and money during the compliance stage, when errors are more costly to fix and testing-facility costs are at a premium. Radiated emissions are usually tested in an open area test site (OATS), such as this one owned by T UV Product Service in Pinewood Springs, CO. A log periodic antenna inside
  • MICRO: Prod Tech News
    The Puma 9000 series of patterned-wafer inspection tools is for use at the 65-nm node and beyond. The tools incorporate Streak technology, which combines advanced UV illumination optics with high-speed imaging to provide a range of inspection modes optimized for critical-defect detection without
  • SIL Compliant Temperature Measuring Points
    on Demand and SFF = Safe Failure Fraction. 5 Safety handbook WIKA T32.1S, 2010. 6 Resources. Dr. A. Hildebrand - Documentation for SIL training, T UV-S ud academy, 2008. EXIDA report: WIKA T32.10: 02/3-10 R002. Share this: © 2013 - WIKA Pressure Gauges Diaphragm Seals
  • Medical Device Link .
    signals of millions of neurons that have been transmitted through a lossy medium of flesh and bone. As a result, the signals found at the surface of the skull are very tiny on the order of 10 20 uV peak-to-peak for normal brain activity, roughly three orders of magnitude smaller than ECG signals

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