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Parts by Number for UV Unit Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
5147434 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Accessories - BLUEMARK UV-UNIT - 5147434 UV unit for BLUEMARK printer
BLUEMARK UV-UNIT ASAP Semiconductor PHEONIX CONTACT Not Provided Not Provided
300-002 ASAP Semiconductor UV EXPOSURE UNIT Not Provided Not Provided
AZ210 ASAP Semiconductor D/S UV EXPOSURE UNIT Not Provided Not Provided
F3UV-HM Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Undefined Category HEAD UNIT FOR UV POWER MONITOR
5147434 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided UV UNIT FOR BLUEMARK X1 PRINTERS
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  • UV Treatment FAQs
    UV254, also known as the Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC), is a water quality test parameter which utilizes light at the UV 254nm wavelength to be able to detect organic matter in water and wastewater. This is due to the fact that most organic compounds absorb light at the UV 254nm wavelength
  • Enzymes Give Plants UV Protection
    Growth and Development Research Unit. "To fix damaged DNA, there are both general repair enzymes and at least two highly specialized kinds. " Fiscus and geneticist Anne Britt at UC-Davis confirmed what others suspected: that two specialized enzymes in plants are essential for UV repair
  • Mini-D2T & CHEM2000 (ISS-UV-VIS) Lamp Replacement
    . 229-10000-000-04-0704. 1. Mini-D2T & CHEM2000 (ISS-UV-VIS) Lamp Replacement Engineering Note. Required Tools. A standard Phillips-head screwdriver. A standard flat-head screwdriver (ISS-UV-VIS). An Allen wrench (included with replacement lamp). Mini-D2T Lamp. The Mini-D2T is a standalone unit
  • UV Curing of Adhesives
    of parts such as lenses is required or where heat sensitive components are being joined. The global opto-electronics market is the largest segment for UV spot curing system and includes many diverse applications such as: Compact camera modules for cell phones. Optical pick-up units for CD/DVD/Blu ray
  • Abbott Revives UV for Purified Water Pretreatment
    equipment. A reverse-osmosis (RO) system was considered, but would have been very expensive. Instead, the company decided to install 5-micron particulate filters for contamination control, and to rely on an out-of-favor technology, ultraviolet (UV) lamps, for dechlorination. Previous attempts to use UV had
  • Analyze Naphtha Quality in Crude Distillation Unit
    UV-VIS-NIR analyzers, which utilize the principle of light absorption and light scattering, can be selectively specified and strategically installed at various points in the refinery to provide a host of beneficial measurements to the user. By continuously monitoring the quality of the fractions
  • Medical Device Link . UV Curing Device Plays Integral Role in Bonding Guidewires
    . Nanotechnology. Packaging and Sterilization Products, Equipment, and Services. Pumps and Valves. Regional Focus Features. Special Features. Sustainable Manufacturing. Testing and Inspection. Tubing. Home \. Magazines \. Medical Product Manufacturing News. CASEBOOK UV Curing Device Plays Integral Role
  • TOC Recovery Studies Comparing Combustion/NDIR with UV-Persulfate/Membrane Conductometric Methods for Municipal Raw and Finished Drinking Water Monitoring
    Technologies. Application Note. Analytical Instruments. TOC Recovery Studies Comparing Combustion/NDIR with. UV-Persulfate/Membrane Conductometric Methods for. Municipal Raw and Finished Drinking Water Monitoring. Objective. 1. USEPA study referenced in USEPA. Numerous studies have been conducted