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    Quick Couplers - (604 companies)
    Connection Types. When selecting quick couplers, the buyer must consider the connection types of both the quick coupler end and the ends connecting to the rest of the system. Quick Coupler Connections. There are a few types of fast connections that fall... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    RF Waveguide Couplers - (45 companies)
    Specifications. Performance specifications for RF waveguide couplers include operating frequency range, EIA waveguide size, length or height, coupling, directivity, and voltage standing wave ratio. Operating frequency range is the range for which RF... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Light Guides - (139 companies)
    ...flexible light pipes available. Light Guide Performance Specifications. Selecting a light guide requires an analysis of physical and performance specifications. Physical specifications include length, diameter, and termination method. Some light guides... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    RF Couplers - (293 companies)
    ...devices that consist of two unidirectional couplers. They can be connected back-to-back in series, with the main line output of the forward coupler connected to the output of the second coupler; or integrated into one device with a single main line... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Wave Washers - (64 companies)
    ...of the washer. The spring rate is directly proportional to the fourth power of the number of waves on the washer. Hence, higher capacity wave washers will have more waves. It is also controlled by the thickness of the wave. Increasing the thickness... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Card Guides - (29 companies)
    ...of servers. Some card guides are also specially designed to eliminate hot spots caused by the operation of multiple cards. Card guides can also be designed to improve air flow distribution by using air deflectors built in to the card guide. Card... Learn More
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    Guide Bushings and Drill Bushings - (151 companies)
    ...of various metals. Other guides and drill bushings are commonly available. There are several ways in drill bushings function. A drill guide is capable of providing accurate drilling even at angles up to 45 . A drill guide is made of anodized aluminum... Learn More
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    Fiber Optic Couplers - (272 companies)
    Photonic Systems, Inc. Fiber optic couplers are optical devices that connect three or more fiber ends, dividing one input between two or more outputs, or combining two or more inputs into one output. The device allows the transmission of light waves... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Linear Guides and Rails - (218 companies)
    Some of the more common types include crossed roller bearings, linear motion (LM) guides, bushing style bearings (plain bearings or with balls), needle roller bearings, roller bearings, splined shaft bearings, and various guide wheel configurations... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Fiber Optic Light Guides - (52 companies)
    Guide Specifications. There are several specifications to consider when selecting light guides. Angle of the light guide- The light guide can be straight, bent and rigid, or flexible which allows the user to adjust the light guide to the desired shape... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • A direct CPW-to-rectangular waveguide transition using a dipole slot antenna
    S.-W. Moon, M. Han, J.-H. Oh, J.-K. Rhee, and S.-D. Kim, “ V - band CPW 3-dB Tandem coupler using air-bridge structure,�? IEEE Micro wave Guided Wave Lett., vol.
  • Electronic components
    ...peaking voltage, 970 grid ion, 476 grid vibration 155, 265 smoothing factor, 715 glass transition temperature, balance, thermal, 487, 511 rectifiers, bridge circuit, 688, residual ripple, 689 same coupling 11, 362 DC voltage... ...Gleichtaktverstarkung, 1107 same time shaft 1323, 442 global radiation... ...density, 487, Dopes 492-Drifstrom, 500, drift velocity, 502, elementary, 472-ground state 472, 477-II VI semiconductors, III- V semiconductors 472-more indirect... ...494-minorities 531, conduction band , 476-Majoritäten, 494-nichtentartete... ...electrons 287, 1049 hot conductors , heating element, - cause, 291...
  • Double-balanced single-side band mixer for millimeter wave mobile communications
    Due to the mixer sensitivity to signal phase on the diodes [1] and the inaccuracies at V band of the passive structures models available on circuit simulation programs [2], test circuits such as couplers were introduced on the wafer for a better... To reduce output filter requirements to avoid the use of bulky and costly wave guide filters, a good solution is to use an image rejection mixer.
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    Schottky diodes 442 step drive 690 thrust stress 58, 61, 62 thrust effect 158, radiator Black of longitudinal 66-transverse 66 shear stress 61 thrust shaft 381 protection requirement 24, 25... ...Security-mode 1 645 segment couplers 110, 583, 589 secondary... ...technique 719 SNTP 606 Sobel operator 307 Soft real Time (SRT) 617, debit-Being comparison, 397 desired value ( v.S. ) 177 desired value filter... ...coil resistance 376 SRD band 649 SSI 436 stabilization... ...723 driving current 658 control 39, 47, 743 degenerated .
  • Monolithic Analogue Phase Shifter and Cascode FET Amplifier using Uniplanar Techniques
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    Fig 3 shows a schematic of a TM11 and TE11 mode selective MDC for WR-28 (Ka-band) and WR-15 ( V - band ) wave guide . By including an appropriate mode selective waveguide directional coupler , such as the MDC presented here, at the...
  • Antennas
    ...four horns of simple forms one obtains from 616 radiating high performance ments ( bandwidth , puret6 of polarization). R. B ~ h ~ and al. pr6sentent a novel coupler of half-moon compact polarization / i guides , 16 get and efficient, capable of generating a circular waves ~ polarization for a circular guide. I. V. Lindell and al. d ~ veloppent the exact th ~ orie of the images for g6om6tries adapt6es at the microribbon antennas.
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    overlaidparallel coupled inset dielec. guides for direct. couplers . + , T-MTTDee 96 2595-2604 +, MWSYM96 805-808~01.2 MM- wave HEMT noise models verified, V - band .
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    Weimin Zhou, + , T-MTT Mar 05 929-933 v - band high-order harmonic injection-locked freq.-divider MMICs, wide bandwidth and low-power dissipation. Catina, V., + , T-MTT Nov 05 3562-3567 anal. of NRD- guide /H-guide mm- wave ccts., order-reduced vol.-integral eqn. approach. Duochuan Li, + , T-MTT Mar 05 799-812 bridged NRD-guide coupler for mm-wave appls., anal...