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  • Filters for Vacuum Pumps (.pdf)
    or as a "forepump " to. Pneumatic Conveying. Degassing liquids & steel. exhaust a high vacuum pump. The choice of pump depends on. Distillation. Freeze drying. its useful operating vacuum range and the application type. Incandescent & neon lights. • Conductance: An important factor in a vacuum
  • Towards the Single Pump Solution - Recent Development in High Speed Machines for Dry Vacuum Pumping (.pdf)
    The goal of a single _dry_ pump capable of reaching high vacuum and itself exhausting to atmospheric pressure has long existed in the vacuum field. The development of a single-shaft, high-speed pump EPX _second generation_ mechanism has gone some considerable way to achieving this goal. The pump
  • MICRO: Products
    mode configuration and high process control for ultrashallow-junction applications. The 810EHP increases the capabilities of the previous-generation810 medium-current tool. The 3000HP's high-vacuum conductance end station and beam filter provide effective productivity without compromising dose accuracy
  • Consider the Discrete JFET When You Have a Priority Performance Objective
    field-effect transistor), which was. developed soon after the bipolar transistor. To many designers, the JFET is the nearly. ideal three-terminal solid-state device, and its operation and parameters are analogous. to the vacuum-tube triode. The difference is that the JFET is, of course, a low-voltage
  • HPR30 Series Orifice Sampling Process Gas Analysers (.pdf)
    to the process chamber should. be optimised to maintain fast response time and. maximum sensitivity. • The HPR30 uses an orifice inserted into the process. chamber with a high conductance path from orifice to. RGA. A gate valve is used to isolate the RGA from. process. Vacuum
  • Welding Techniques for Joining Sensor Bodies
    to an amplifying device, switch, or graduated control. Such a rod can be welded to the diaphragm, but once again a thin diaphragm, because of its minimal heat sink capability, is particularly sensitive to variations in the welding process. Control of energy input is essential in preventing the conductance
  • Development of Next Generation Automatic Climate Control (.pdf)
    in the mid of last. analog controllers with vacuum actuators, the. century. In cognizance of the state of the ACC. technology paradigms espoused by the revolutionary. technology, we developed a new ACC system based on. ACC system design are still followed today. These. the concepts of power balance
  • Schottky Diodes
    for a Schottky diode,. tion or sputtering while under Diffusion continues until the is described by the law of the whereas it is fixed for a pn. vacuum, onto a wafer that has semiconductor is so positive junction equation. The deriva- junction. This is another. been doped with either p-type

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