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Parts by Number for Vacuum Chamber Heater Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
2036 ASAP Semiconductor WELLER Not Provided Heater & Vacuum Chamber Adapter

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  • Case Study - Test Center for Vacuum Process Applications
    system is precisely. matched to the vacuum application. Heraeus Noblelight has created a vacuum test chamber in its in-house. Application Center. Since its foundation, the Heraeus test center. has helped to allow infrared emitters to be matched precisely. to product and process. In-house tests keep track
  • Designing Safe, Low-cost Vacuum and Exhaust Gas Management Systems for Semiconductor Processes (.pdf)
    of. the components is also critical to maximize performance. Moving booster pumps closer to the. process chamber improves pumping speed while reducing requirements for inlet pipe size,. booster pump size, and backing pump size. To specify the most cost effective and energy efficient vacuum pumps requires knowing
  • Indirect Heating of Dryers/How It Works
    inside the dryer. A moisture-laden product is introduced into the drying chamber and is heated to a temperature required to drive off liquid from the product. Many dryers operate under a vacuum to facilitate this evaporation. There are a wide range of indirectly heated process dryers available
  • Infra Red Theory
    . Planning Design. Accessories. High Intensity Accessories. Tube Heater Accessories. Combustion Chamber / Heat Exchanger. Low Intensity Reflectors. Suntube. Planning Design. Heat Loss Calculator. Product Manuals. Technical Drawings. Trouble Shooting. Case Studies. About Us. Contact. Burners. Infra Red
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (March 2001)
    A noncontact, single-wafer, double-sided cleaner satisfies the demands of next-generation technology nodes. The 8200 spin processor has a throughput of 200 wafers per hour, providing an alternative to conventional cleaning technologies. The four-chamber tool is based on the 4200 Spin-Processor
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of Diamond-Like Coatings (.pdf)
    . A Quantim, 5850E, vaporizer, and heater PID controller was. assembled. It also included a bypass for vacuum purging the Quantim, Figure 2. Figure 2. Quantim Vaporizer System including PID controller. Copyright 2008, Brooks Instrument, LLC. Page 5 of 8. White Paper Library: T/023. The system
  • MICRO: Products
    dense-fluid processor is a fully integrated, 200-mm single-wafer chamber that enables the development and evaluation of technologies for deposition, cleaning, conditioning, and lithography applications using supercritical CO . The vacuum-compatible system can be integrated with vacuum
  • Medical Device Link .
    rates that exceed 70 C per minute. The liquid-nitrogen-cooled chamber features high volume and adjustable air distribution to direct airflow rapidly over the product. Access to the internal chamber is provided through doors on the front and back of the unit. The vibration system uses a thermal

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