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  • RuB Ball Valves for Vacuum Service
    RuB standard ball valves are excellent for vacuum service. They can be used for vacuums down to .0008 inches of mercury. A pretty low pressure! Not exactly outer space, but getting close!
  • Close shave -- Servos process veneer quickly
    A worker can mount a flitch to the moveable table using either hydraulics or a vacuum process. The servocontrolled carriage with the attached knife blade is visible to the left. Servocontrols let a veneer-slicing machine cut sheets as thin as 0.005 in. with a 0.001-in. tolerance. The five-axis
  • Technical Definitions of Terminology
    A pressure transducer or pressure sensor that has an internal reference chamber sealed at or close to 0 psia (full vacuum) and normally provides increasing output voltage for increases in pressure. The reduction of response at the resonant frequency through the use of a damping media such as oil
  • High Resolution Cryogenic Microscopy Using the S-4700 FE-SEM (S-4700 SEM 96)
    Cryogenic scanning electron microscopy allows observation of water-containing samples in a frozen condition that permits sample morphology to be maintained in high vacuum conditions and close to their natural state. This technique has been widely used in food, biology and pharmaceutical fields
  • Medical Device Link .
    steel, and hardened metals. In addition, the company offers prototyping, from proof of concept to the production process, in only a few days. Remmele Engineering Inc., Micro Machining Div. 17701 U.S. Hwy 10, Big Lake, MN 55309. With expertise in annealing and preshrinking materials to maintain close
  • Ineffective Cleaning in Generic Baghouses (.pdf)
    of the venturi, not enough clean air is induced during the cleaning cycle and a vacuum is created. Second, due to the energy contained within the compressed air and the close proximity to the orifice, as the jet expands and passes through the venturi at high velocity, it overwhelms the surrounding
  • Elastomer Seals - Purity or Plasma Resistance? Can You Have Both?
    include vacuum processes such as dry etch and deposition, all of which require elastomer seals to maintain the vacuum integrity. Seals in critical locations, meaning in direct contact with the process and in relatively close proximity to the substrate being processed, are often exposed to extremely
  • Submersible Pumps vs. Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps
    Vacuum-assisted, non-clog centrifugal. pumps are the most commonly used pumps. for bypasses, because they are capable of. handling large amounts of liquids and solids. and have an air-handling capability. Submersibles are centrifugal pumps. with a motor directly attached to it in a. common housing

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