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  • Vacuum Mixing Techniques (.pdf)
    Mixing under vacuum has a direct impact on end-product performance. Studies show that processing under vacuum reduces porosity and unbound particles. Reducing the number of pores leads to remarkable improvements in strength and fatigue life. By definition, vacuum refers to space absolutely devoid
  • Robust Vacuum Solutions in Biomass Processing (.pdf)
    pressures below atmospheric and. relatively low pressures. Being able to deliver clean gas. discharge pressures above in a single machine The ability. maximises solvent recovery and enhances product. to operate this way or cycling between vacuum and. quality. Exhaust condensers operating above atmospheric
  • Effective Vacuum for HVAC and Refrigeration Charging
    . Pumping out the air is the easy part. The hard part is getting the water out. Effective Vacuum for HVAC and Refrigeration Charging. Have questions? Need Help?. 757.723.6531 | 800.950.2468. HomeFlow Products Vacuum ProductsCustomer SupportInformation Desk. Home. Mass Flow Products. Vacuum Products
  • Q&A: How Much is 1/2
    If one of our vacuum pumps could ¡mprove your condenser vacuum by a half-inch of. mercury (O.5"HgA) what would ¡t be worth?. ��. Document Outline. ��
  • Portable Leak Detection Instrument Improves Heat Rate at Electric Power Plant.
    the plant to. isolate one loop or four water boxes while running at a partial load. Isolating a section of. the condenser allows Thorp to drain the cooling water and enter the water boxes while. the plant is still operating. Because the turbine is still operating, a vacuum is present on. the steam side
  • Medical Device Link .
    sample preparation that is required, and the ability to tilt and translate samples while they are under observation. Scanning electron microscopes come in many forms featuring different types of electron guns and vacuum systems. Each type of SEM has its own unique advantages and disadvantages
  • Rotary Evaporators
    the evaporation process. The solvent is removed under vacuum, is trapped by a condenser and is collected for easy reuse or disposal. Most labs use a simple water aspirator vacuum on their rotavaps, so a rotavap cannot be used for air and water-sensitive materials unless special precautions are taken.
  • IR - Benefits - Thinking Outside of the Box (.pdf)
    temperature. Other examples will include applications dealing with high pressure hydro cleaning of pipes, locating the source of a turbine boot seal leak, and the identification of a sudden large condenser vacuum leak.

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