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  • Vacuum systems accelerate chip production
    to generate more chips per hour increases the chances of damage to delicate chips. Vacuum handling systems provide the ideal solution, according to Bob Buerkel of the , Richland, Mich. Compared with mechanical grippers, soft vacuum cups are gentle and nondestructive, as well as simple and economical, he
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Combined Systems, Appendix [Sample Problems, Glossary]
    . A manufacturer of vacuum lifting devices is contacted. 102. Solution: 1. A basic design value for vacuum lifting is 20 in. Hg, which is equivalent to. 20 x 0.4913 = 9.83 lb. of lifting force per square inch of suction cup area. 2. Two vacuum cups will be used as a safety feature so that the load can still
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Basic Concepts
    systems in separate sections,. keep in mind that some applications require both vacuum and pressure. For. example, in thermoforming plastic cups, first air pressure, then vacuum is re-. quired. Instead of installing separate systems, a combination compressor/. vacuum pump can provide pneumatic power
  • Blending is the Key for a Cup of Fine Tea
    . After this tea is discharged, the machine is vacuumed to remove residual odors. Cleaning the old blenders is more troublesome, says Harney. For a start, not all the product is discharged and the residue has to be removed by vacuum. Access to the interior of the machine is more difficult
  • CD (R) Coupling Provides Rigid Connection Between Speed Reducer and Servo Motor; Provides Backlash-Free Horizontal Pick-and-Place Motion in New Case Packer from Schneider Packaging Equipment Co.
    , the accumulation of product and loading process is unique. Air cylinders provide the vertical motion to 3 independent heads, each holding a series of 16 vacuum cups. Each vacuum cup grips the top of a single juice container, positioning and stacking all 16 containers simultaneously into 3 tiers, after which
  • Hulls and Decks for Personal Watercraft
    , weighing up to 80 lb.. Vacuum tooling will not work because of the lack of consistent surfaces between the variety of parts and the exterior finish has proven to be susceptible to marring and marking by vacuum cups. The hulls and decks are also quite large, up to 47" w. X 24" h. X 124" l., limiting
  • Precision coupling "shock proofs'' innovative packer
    reciprocating and intermittent motion. The packing machine, developed by Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. of Brew-erton, N.Y., contains three heads, each holding 16 vacuum cups. Each cup grips the top of a single 4-oz juice container. Each head positions and stacks 16 juice containers simultaneously
  • Enter the smart zone
    panels. Cups hold parts as they move between stations and then release them after the operation. To save energy, the pump generates the required vacuum in the cups, then turns off an air pump when the optimum level is reached. If the vacuum drops, the pump restarts. An automatic air ejector keeps