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  • Fluid Feedthroughs
    MDC fluid feedthroughs are designed for the transmission of gasses or coolants into high and ultrahigh vacuum environments. They are constructed from 300 series stainless steel and available with single or dual tube configurations. All feedthrough versions are fitted with 1/4 inch tubes
  • Study Investigates Fluid Conditioning
    Commonly used conditioning methods that purify hydraulic and lubrication fluids using heat and vacuum could change the chemical and physical properties of fluids. ), examined how vacuum and temperature affect water and gas removal, and the chemical and physical properties of hydraulic
  • Vacuum-formed films for fit and function
    bulkier injection-molded plastics in medical products, microelectronics, fluid handling, aerospace, lab products, and custom packaging. The trend toward smaller, lighter, and more-powerful gadgets capable of withstanding extreme environments are driving designers to look at alternative materials
  • Towards the Single Pump Solution - Recent Development in High Speed Machines for Dry Vacuum Pumping (.pdf)
    The goal of a single _dry_ pump capable of reaching high vacuum and itself exhausting to atmospheric pressure has long existed in the vacuum field. The development of a single-shaft, high-speed pump EPX _second generation_ mechanism has gone some considerable way to achieving this goal. The pump
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Combined Systems, Appendix [Sample Problems, Glossary]
    Problem: A pressure source is used to agitate a plating tank of corrosive chemicals. Depth of liquid in the tank is 6 ft. A pipe with forty 1/32-in. diameter holes placed at bottom of tank will discharge air and promote agitation of the fluid. The pump must be oil-less so that no oil contamination
  • Test it Right for Thin-Cake Filtration Operations
    Solid-liquid separation by pressure or vacuum, cake washing and drying are integral to producing a chemical or pharmaceutical product or for fluid clarification and recovery. A number of competing technologies and options can be employed to accomplish these steps, including nutsche filters
  • Steam Ejector Pumps And Ejectors & Steam Ejector Theory
    by a properly designed throat or venturi will economically make use of high pressure fluid to compress from a low pressure region to a higher pressure. This change from pressure head to velocity head is the basis of the jet vacuum principle. Ejectors are generally categorized into one of four basic types
  • How Pumps Work
    or gas) is pushed along in front of it. Behind the rolling pin, the tube springs back into its original shape, which creates a vacuum; atmospheric pressure pushes the fluid in to fill the vacuum. As the rolling pin approaches line B-B, start a second rolling pin at A-A. This will allow the pump

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