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...hydrogen fluoride, and backside and bevel/edge etching. The tool's cup and wafer-handling designs prevent cross-contamination during processing. V-100-series 4-in. vacuum valves are available in angle and in-line versions and in custom forms to suit specific needs. The bellows-sealed poppet valves...

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  • Test and Commissioning of 82.6 GHz ECRH system on SST-1
    The transmission line consisting of ~15 meters length 63.5mm corrugated wave guide, DC break, wave guide switch , mitre bend, polariser, bellows that terminates with a vacuum barrier CVD window. A beam launching system used to steer the micro wave beam in the plasma volume is connected...
  • The design and performance of waveguide transmission line components for plasma electron cyclotron heating (ECH) systems
    These systems required low loss transmission of micro wave power. To meet this requirement, GA has developed a variety of vacuum compatible transmission line componentswhich consist of straight corrugatedwaveguides, calorimetric loads, switches , miter bends, polarizers, corrugated bellows , power monitors and d.c. breaks.
  • High-Vacuum Equipment : Abstract : Nature
    These include controllable leaks for the continuous admission of small quantities of gas to a vacuum system. The other equipment consists of various combinations of bellows and micro - switches to form pressure-controlled relays capable of operating a half-horsepower A.o. motor.
  • Engineering the SNS RTBT/Target Interface for Remote Handling
    A number of micro switches indicate the positions of the Harp and the latches, sending signals to a PLC, which in turn controls the sequence of operations via a pneumatic control logic panel. CO-AXIAL BELLOWS FOR RH VACUUM CONNECTIONS .
  • 72 571 | Sigma-Aldrich
    Apparatus • Columns • Packing • Heads • Traps On this page: Vigreux: Micro • Standard • Silvered, vacuum -jacketed Miscellaneous: Distilling column • Vacuum-jacketed • Silvered bellows • Silvered coil Hemple: Hemple columns... ...Oldershaw Snyder: Aldrich Snyder distilling columns Micro ... Patterns and emerging mechanisms of the angiogenic switch during tumorigenesis.
  • High-power corrugates waveguide components for mm-wave fusion heating systems
    To take advantage of these new micro wave sources for fusion research, new and improved transmission line... ...variety of new components which meet the demanding power, pulse length, frequency, and vacuum requirements for effective... These components include low-loss straight corrugated waveguides, miter bends, miter bend polarizers, power monitors, waveguide bellows , dc breaks, waveguide switches , dummy loads, and distributed windows.
  • TOMAS - A Toroidal Magnetized Plasma Facility for Studying Wall Conditioning of Future Fusion Devices
    ...mode�? of a tokamak with superconducting toroidal field coils which cannot simply be switched on and off... The vacuum vessel ~Fig. 2! consists of 4 sectors connected with Helicoflex seals and is equipped with 22 ports of different size and 8 flexible bellows . The transmission of the micro wave from the magne- tron to the vacuum vessel is done first...
    ...Bubblers Capacitance and Radio Frequency (RF) Admittance Probes Conductivity and Field Effect Level Switches Diaphragm Level Detectors Differential Pressure Level Detectors Displacer Level Detectors Float Level Devices Laser Level Sensors Level Gauges, Including Magnetic Micro wave Level Switches Optical Level Devices Radar... Accessories: Seals, Snubbers, Calibrators, and Manifolds Bellows -Type Pressure Sensors Bourdon and Helical Pressure Sensors Diaphragm or Capsule-Type Sensors Differential Pressure Instruments... ...Manometers Multiple Pressure Scanners Multiple Pressure Scanners Pressure Gauges Pressure Repeaters Pressure and Differential Pressure Switches Vacuum Sensors .
    In particular, the simple task of switching from a standard sample used to adjust B0 homogeneity, the magic angle, etc. to the... ...of interest involves warming the probe to room temperature, detaching all cryogenic, radiofrequency (RF), and micro wave connections, removing the... It is driven by N2 and consists of a custom designed eject pipe attached to the front of a Revolution NMR (Ft. Collins, CO) MAS stator that mates with a bellowed hole in a vacuum jacketed dewar.
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, July 31, 2013 > [78 FR 46315] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania, Notification of Proposed Production Activity, GE T...
    ...door lock cylinders; lock assemblies; side bolts; hinges; mounting flanges; casting; bracket assemblies; support assemblies; brackets; blocks; mounting brackets; door latches; grab handles; handrails; latches; latch assemblies; locking micro wave oven bases; tap... ...fill assemblies; cylinder heads; bellows ; jacket cylinders; crank cases... ...spider castings; ring forgings; tie rings; stator hubs; heaters; hot plates; antennas; Ethernet switch boards; switch boards... ...lever bracket; buffers; machined castings; uncoupling levers; automatic diesel fueling adapters; anticlimbers; reservoir vacuum arrangements; ash trays...
    The travel range limits are set by micro - switches . The major loading on the coil is due to the vacuum loading where the coil leads come... Bellows are required with the leads to allow for the nec­ essary coil motion.5 .
  • Properties of WCAg and WCCu for vacuum contactors
    ...demountable vacuum chamber: 1—moving contact; 2—fixed contact; 3—shield; 4—moveable high-voltage terminal; 5— bellows ; 6—grounded terminal; 7—ceramic. Com- pared with copper-chromium, the standard material for vacuum circuit breakers, the high melting and boiling... WCAg is often used as a standard material for contactors and other load-break switches . In every case, the composition of the materials as well as the micro structure, especially the grain...
  • The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Photometric Camera
    handles the bellows pressure/ vacuum for the Tbar latches, monitors those pressures, and various other pressures, temperatures, and miscellaneous states which the executive micro ...pressures in the intermediate LN2 supply dewars, and the state of a flow switch in the water/glycol...
  • Hybrid Transmission Line for ECRH in the Helically Symmetric Experiment
    ...and focused in the plasma with ellipsoidal mirror M4 for ECRH plasmabreakdownandheating.Thecorrugatedwaveguidecomponents, bellows ,quartzwindow assembly and... ...the HE11 hybrid mode and couples to a free space Gaussian beam in the HSX vacuum vessel. High power testing of the hybrid transmission line was performed with the gyrotron micro wave source and with the beam line switched to the dummy load.
  • Machine study and improvement of the HLS storage ring
    2) Injection equipment: Use thyratrons for pulse switch of the kicker power supply instead of the spark... 4) Vacuum chamber of the storage ring: Nonevaporahle Getters (NEG) will be put in the downstream of... Use hydraulic pressured bellows instead of the welded bellows. ...beam diagnostic: The original control system has no shared database and has little communication between micro computers.