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  • Pnuematic Valves in Vacuum Packaging - Application Notes (.pdf)
    In this application, most OEMs will actuate a single 3-way to pull a vacuum on the product and then de-actuate to vent the vacuum. Although this may be a practical method for systems using valves ported less than 1", it can cause problems in systems using larger valves.
  • Packaging microscopic machines
    Although MEMS technology is considered fundamentally ready for prime time, packaging hasn 't kept pace. But that 's changing as an estimated 900 packaging patents will be filed this year alone. SOIC package (thicker than standard because of silicon cap and gel-coat) Microelectromechanical systems
  • Improved Vacuum Control for Food Packaging
    Modern vacuum regulators dramatically improve the repeatability and consistency of packaged food products.
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging - Pneumatic Valve Solutions (.pdf)
    Modified atmospheric packaging is a process where a product is placed in a tray, a vacuum is pulled to remove atmospheric air, gas is injected and the tray is sealed. This process extends shelf-life, enhances color and eliminates crushing.
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Material Gas Permeability
    developed on the basis of vacuum and nitrogen-filled packaging and it is mainly used for food preservation. The packaging principle of MAP is to replace gas in packaging with preservative gas (mixture of 2~4 gases according to food property). The external environment of packaging food would be changed
  • Vacuum-formed films for fit and function
    bulkier injection-molded plastics in medical products, microelectronics, fluid handling, aerospace, lab products, and custom packaging. The trend toward smaller, lighter, and more-powerful gadgets capable of withstanding extreme environments are driving designers to look at alternative materials
  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters Application Note(.pdf)
    In many packaging and manufacturing applications, the use of vacuum pump exhaust filters is quickly becoming the standard. With heightened regulations from OSHA and the EPA, it is absolutely necessary to use filtration on the exhaust side of vacuum pump systems. Vacuum pumps, without exhaust
  • Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, Capacitors: Bonding Methods and Packaging
    through use of a. vacuum pencil using an appropriate size vacuum needle or a. pointed wooden stick such as a sharpened Q-tip or match stick. The device will adhere to the point and can easily be removed. from the container and positioned accurately for bonding without. damage. Such handling should

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