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MECP100 Kit Tequipment.Net Martel Not Provided MECP100 Kit - Low Pressure & Vacuum Pump (-28 in. Hg to 100 PSI) with one test hose and one 1/8' FNPT port

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  • Vacuum Roughing Hoses
    MDC wire reinforced PVC hose is a flexible and economical solution for mechanical pump roughing lines. They are suitable for basic vacuum service to levels of 1x10-3 Torr. The wire reinforced wall prevents tube collapse while under vacuum loads, yet provides adequate flexibility for convoluted line
  • Positive Displacement Vacuum Pumps
    Positive displacement vacuum pumps are designed for use with very long hoses. They are gas-transfer vacuum pumps in which a gas-filled suction chamber is separated periodically from the entrance port. Preferably, positive displacement pumps operate in the viscous flow area. In most displacement
  • Which Pump Is Right for Me? Pushing Through a Host of Factors to Select the Right Pump
    . What pump should I use to minimize the priming time, as the pumping reaction time is limited, and we cannot have a sewage spill?. A: Use a non-clog pump or trash pump with a vacuum unit as the priming device. Typically all dry priming pumps, which are pumps that do not need water in the pump volute
  • Quick-Action Couplers
    Many fluid systems require that hose be disconnected without excessive fluid loss. For these applications, quick-action couplers are used. They are also used to reduce the time, effort, and skill required to make and break fluid connections. Quick-action couplers are available for hoses from 1/8
  • MICRO: Products
    coordinate accuracy ( <20 um), minimize the edge exclusion zone, and enable backside inspection. (Semicon West, S.F., South Hall, Booth 130A) Ricor Cryogenic and Vacuum Systems The MicroStar, a cooled-water-vapor high-vacuum pump, uses Stirling cycle technology instead of the usual Gifford McMahon (GM

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