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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
OIL0096 PLC Radwell Trane Not Provided 1 QT VACUUM PUMP OIL
OIL0097 PLC Radwell Trane Not Provided 1GAL VACUUM PUMP OIL
45-790 Global Industrial Comstar International Inc Not Provided Vacuum Pump Oil ™ Lubricating Oil For Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps, 1 Gal.
93096 Global Industrial Ritchie Engineering Co., Inc. Not Provided Yellow Jacket ® Gallon Of Vacuum Pump Oil - Case Of 6 93096
02848 Global Industrial Myers Logistics Not Provided Robinair Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil - Min Qty 6
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  • Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil Resists Emulsification, Lasts Longer, Avoids Costly Cleaning in Meat Processing Plant
    . between rotating components. maintenance, the plant switched to. Molykote® L-1668FG Synthetic. Molykote® L-1668FG Synthetic Vacuum. Vacuum Pump Oil. Pump Oil, a Dow Corning product. Lubricating your vacuum pump with. Unlike oils made in conventional. Molykote L-1668F Synthetic Vacuum. fractionation
  • Molykote (R) brand Synthetic Blend Oil Eliminates Tar Buildup, Siezing in Vacuum Pump
    that. ment. They were located. caused pump seizure every four to. side-by-side and supported a. seven days. continuous 24/7 materials. handling application. The. Solution. application requires that the. New technology ultra high-purity. pumps provide 1X10 -4 Torr. synthetic blend vacuum pump oil. so
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Pumps
    the vacuum capability from 24 to 29 in. Hg. Oil-Less vs. Oil-Lubricated Vacuum Pumps. As with compressors, the application normally dictates whether an oil-less or oil-lubricated. vacuum pump should be used. Either type may be used in many applications. Oil-Less - OiI-less pumps are almost essential
  • Filters for Vacuum Pumps (.pdf)
    . Medium Vacuum (MV): 1 to 0.001 torr. gas flow being handled by a vacuum pump. If left unchecked, it. High Vacuum (HV): 0.001 to 10-7 torr. can lead to abrasive wear or even loss of lubrication in oil. Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV): less than 10-7 torr. sealed pumps. An inlet filter is essential to protect
  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters Application Note(.pdf)
    the. standard. With heightened regulations. from OSHA and the EPA, it is. absolutely necessary to use filtration. on the exhaust side of vacuum pump. systems. Vacuum pumps without. exhaust filters will allow oil, used. to lubricate the pump, to vent to. atmosphere. In this situation, the. oil
  • Molykote (R) Synthetic Oil Helps Solve Vacuum Pump Failure
    . ./ea23fa1f-2b56-4a01-abf7-a3ad36801e76 Molykote® Synthetic Oil Helps. Solve Vacuum Pump Failure. Smart Lubrication™. DRIVE COSTS DOWN. Vacuum Pump Lubrication. Saves $90,000 Yearly In. Molykote Lubrication Engineers helped a chemical manufacturer drive. Maintenance Costs By. costs down by solving vacuum pump failure
  • How to Select the Right Vacuum Pump for the Application (.pdf)
    and vapor boosters with a capacity. range of 7000 CFM for a 10 inch diffusion pump up to 25,000 CFM from a single. 30B5M vapor booster. Imagine all that pumping speed from a pump with no moving. parts! Mostly we will focus on choosing a mechanical vacuum pump looking at oil sealed. rotary pumps
  • Tranformer Oil Purification using Vacuum Dehydration Techniques
    a predetermined time-out period, while another trip point is set at 0.1 Torr to indicate the end of the pump-out cycle. Instrument Selection. Even though the oil degassing and transformer pump-out processes are quite different, the vacuum gauge requirements are very similar. Both applications require

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