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Parts by Number for Vacuum Regulator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
IRV10-LN07BG Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Vacuum Regulator;140 L/min (ANR) Max;Elbow Fitting;w/Bracket &Gague;1/4-in Tube
IRV20-N11 Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided VACUUM REGULATOR, 3/8 INCH FITTING
ITV2090-31N2L5 Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided REGULATOR, PNEUMATIC, 24VDC, VACUUM
T203102 PLC Radwell Smc Pneumatics, Regulator REGULATOR PNEUMATIC VACUUM 100-1.3KPA 750-10MMHG
Z158201624 PLC Radwell Fairchild Pneumatics, Regulator VACUUM REGULATOR HIGH CAPACITY W/TAPPED EXHAUST 1
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  • Improved Vacuum Control for Food Packaging
    Modern vacuum regulators dramatically improve the repeatability and consistency of packaged food products. Microsoft Word - Food Packaging White Paper.doc Precision Vacuum Regulator Improves Package Sealing Quality. Today’s vacuum-sealed food packaging requires milli-second control. By Jeff
  • Valves in Vacuum Service
    Vacuum service presents special challenges for those who must specify valves for processes that require pressures less than the standard atmospheric pressure of 14.696 psi absolute. Creating and controlling a vacuum for your process will require valves with specialized design features to cope
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Pressure Accessories and Systems
    Many standard air line accessories are available to properly link the power source to the. work device. In general, filtering and lubricating equipment should always be used in the air. line ahead of working components. Vacuum/PressureBook PRESSURE ACCESSORIES AND SYSTEMS. Section III
  • Medical Device Link .
    , HVAC products, precision miniature pneumatic components Airtrol Components Inc. carries a full line of precision miniature components, including pressure and vacuum regulators and switches, comparators, orifices, filters, and fittings. These components are ideal when small size, light weight
  • Sous Vide Cooking Using a Temperature Data Logger
    CAS DataLoggers has just supplied the temperature monitoring datalogger for a large caterer specializing in cooking sous vide food (French for 'under vacuum'). This increasingly popular style uses thick vacuum-sealed pouches to slow-cook food at below boiling temperatures anywhere from half a day
  • Medical Device Link .
    Pneumatic and vacuum control equipment suited for medical device applications is featured on a company s Web site. Equipment includes modular precision regulators and manifold systems, pressure and vacuum switches, min- iature quick disconnects, plastic fittings, and interface devices. Custom
  • Medical Device Link .
    valve line, and series of diaphragm pressure regulators, vacuum regulators, and other new products are available. IEC Launches Online Certification Verification. An online service for electrical equipment was introduced in October 2005 that reduces fraud by ensuring IECEE CB Scheme certification
  • Treating Water With Chlorine Dioxide Reduces THMs, Improves Taste for Arkansas Water Treatment Plant
    includes a switch-over type of vacuum regulator so the system operation will continue when one of the chlorine cylinders is empty, and a fume -evacuation injector in the vent line from the holding tank controls any off-gassing during generation. Following the adoption of chlorine dioxide feed
  • Medical Device Link .
    by improvements in the technologies that underlie leak-rate-testing systems, particularly those systems based on mass flow. Device components intended to contain liquid, gas, pressure, or a vacuum environment--which are common to analytical, diagnostic, and therapeutic systems--may require specific leak-rate
  • Reference: Glossary of Terms
    Absolute Pressure - A quantity of pressure with respect to total vacuum. Equal to the sum of a pressure gauge reading and atmospheric pressure (14.69 psia at sea level). Absorption - The "soaking up" of gas, liquids or dissolved substances into a solid material. Air - The mixture of gases

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