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  • Medical Device Link . Innovations In Vacuum Sizing For Microbore Tubing
    for the processing of microbore tubing. These new tanks are quite similar in size to conventional open free-extrusion tanks, but are far more rigid in design. In some cases, heat-exchange systems are built into the walls of the tank itself to minimize water turbulence. OPTIMIZING VACUUM-ASSIST EQUIPMENT
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Pumps
    a receiver tank. Rotary Screw and Lobed Rotor Pumps - Vacuum capabilities of rotary screw. pumps are similar to those of piston pumps, but evacuation is nearly pulse-free. Lobed. rotor vacuum pumps, like the corresponding compressors, bridge the gap between posi-. tive and nonpositive displacement
  • Maintaining an Effective Vacuum Jacket
    The technique of using a vacuum guard or barrier to thermally insulate a cryogenic or refrigerant tank is pretty obvious-remove the air from around an object and you remove the conductive heat transfer. Maintaining an Effective Vacuum Jacket. Have questions? Need Help?. 757.723.6531 | 800.950.2468
  • Butterfly Valves in Compressed Air & Vacuum Services
    Bag and Cartridge. Filters. WCV Series Full Pattern Wafer Check. Valves. Constant Compression TANK-TITE TM. Butterfly Valve Applications. Butterfly Valves in Compressed Air & Vacuum Services. Because a butterfly valve uses a disc to control flow, much like a damper in a duct system, some people
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Accessories and Systems
    the vacuum system is used in filling opera-. tions. The objective is to prevent any of the material's being drawn through the vacuum line. from getting into the pump. As shown in Fig. 46, liquid traps are simple tank or bottle-like devices that use gravity to. prevent liquids from being sucked
  • Sizing a Vacuum Receiver
    To understand tank sizing for a desired level of vacuum, it is important to remember that the volume of the tank vs the volume of the mold will determine your system vacuum. At sea level the barometric pressure is 29.92" Hg absolute (0 gauge). Due to variations in the atmospheric pressure, we can
  • Success Stories- Vacuum Switchgear
    Dead tank vacuum circuit breakers are three-phase devices designed for. power distribution substations. These breakers provide overcurrent protection. and isolation from short circuit conditions for expensive transformer. equipment with the reliability of a mechanical interruption
  • Continuous-Indexing Vacuum Filter as Replacement for Filter Presses (.pdf)
    described in the following. ly and recirculated and/or recov-. receiver tanks, liquid ring vacuum. paragraphs. In the CI-VBF, the. ered and reused which allows for a. pumps, instrumentation, pre-piped. slurry feed is continuous while the. more efficient overall operation. and pre-wired skids and PLC con
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Air Compressors
    To keep you oriented as we discuss pressure, the basic concepts are treated in this sequence: generation, transmission, storage, and utilization of compressed air in a pneumatic system. This section covers air compressors, the devices that generate air pressure. Vacuum/PressureBook AIR

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