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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
KT-VND300DS Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Maintenance Kit for VNA/B/C/D media valve
SYBFXR3RM ASAP Semiconductor APOWER Not Provided Spill Proof, Maintenance Free Valve-regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) H
PW9130N1500R-EBM2U ASAP Semiconductor EATON CORPORATION Not Provided 48 V DC - Spill Proof, Maintenance Free Valve-regulated Lead Aci
EBP36XL ASAP Semiconductor MINUTEMAN UPS Not Provided 36V DC - Spill Proof, Maintenance Free Valve-regulated Lead Acid
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  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    to perform with minimum resistance or power will be wasted and components will wear at accelerated rates. All of this is why valve maintenance should be considered a top priority. Time and effort spent on improving valve service life will reduce the costs associated with downtime such as loss production
  • Valve Work During Paper Mill Outage: White Paper
    MPS was the critical path contractor for a large paper manufacturer who needed to complete annual valve maintenance within a 3-day mill-wide outage.
  • Seven Breakthrough Advantages of New Steam Valve Technology (PDF)
    Until recently, specifiers and users of even the best traditional valve technology had to. accept certain limitations. For instance, flow rates were relatively constrained, so. throughput was restricted. Valve life was also comparatively short, and maintenance or. replacement somewhat
  • The saber saw as a tool for automobile maintenance
    in the fender liner. Compounding the problem are aftermarket service manuals that often are carelessly incomplete. Once when I was immersed in the job of adjusting mechanical valve lifters and faithfully following a manual, I realized that a standard wrench couldn't reach one of the adjustment nuts
  • Guide for the Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Silent Check Valves
    Experience has proven the need for check valves in piping where reverse flow could be detrimental to the system. A valve which closes quietly and eliminates water hammer is obviously desirable. A need for basic information on how to specify and utilize these check valves does exist
  • Thermo Vacuum Generators Valves and Actuators use seals to extend maintenance cycles by 40%.
    Seals are an essential component of the gate valves manufactured by Thermo Vacuum Generators, where they are required to maintain vacuum integrity and prevent the release of hazardous chemicals. The company was looking for a rotary seal for a gate valve actuator commonly exposed to process
  • Big Blow TM Valves
    Excellent performance with an absolute minimum of maintenance. This valve is built rugged enough to withstand almost any problem related to the batch pulp digesters.
  • Case Study: Pneumatic Braking Systems in Transportation (.pdf)
    A major train sorting yard in the Midwest was experiencing critical downtime due to complex repair of existing train braking system. The Problem. Repair on the old valve system meant the maintenance person had to shut down the yard for an extended period of time to remove all the piping in order
  • Using Ultrasound Diagnositcs on a Compressor at a Power Plant
    When a compressor was failing to generate enough pressure, the maintenance staff would try and clean each of the valves. With eight valves, it took a full shift and several personnel to remove each valve, check it, clean it, and reinstall it back into the compressor.
  • Block and Bleed Valves
    Block and bleed valves are configured so that flow through the valve is blocked at both the inlet and outlet and a small port is provided to drain or depressurize the space between. This configuration is often required to isolate high-pressure sections of a system to facilitate safe maintenance

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