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  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    to perform with minimum resistance or power will be wasted and components will wear at accelerated rates. All of this is why valve maintenance should be considered a top priority. Time and effort spent on improving valve service life will reduce the costs associated with downtime such as loss production
  • Valve Work During Paper Mill Outage: White Paper
    MPS was the critical path contractor for a large paper manufacturer who needed to complete annual valve maintenance within a 3-day mill-wide outage.
  • Coker Valve Monitoring in a Refinery
    for analysis. Refinery management were specifically interested in the engine current consumption and the strain/torque profile during the valve movement, which gave a clear indication when the value was working incorrectly and helped them to schedule maintenance action. The manufacturer benefited
  • Valve Torque Reduction (.pdf)
    A major valve manufacturer uses Dicronite dry lubrication to reduce torque in the rotating components and mating surfaces, while still maintaining sealing capability at the mating surfaces. The manufacturer also values Dicronite dry lubrication's ability to work across low to high temperature
  • Auger Valve Dispensing
    size is moderate to large, an auger valve may not be quick enough. Under these condition, pulsed air dispensing or a spool valve may be a more effective option. Auger Valve Dispensing. SolderPlus®. We listen and respond. Auger Valve Dispensing. Summary. visual but many cases require a repeatable
  • Diverter Valve Handling Zinc Oxide
    Valve between produce receiver and rotary valve. Diverter Valve Handling Zinc Oxide. Go to ...Home Products - All Valves - Quantum Valves - Titan Valves - Loading Spouts - Engineered Solutions - Iris Valves - Accessories - Instruction Manuals Online Quote About Us - Corporate Info
  • Valve Calculator - Determine Valve Flow Coefficients for Various Flow Rates and Pressure Drops
    The calculator allows valve flow coefficients to be determined for various flowrates and pressure drops. It can also calculate the flowrate for a given flow coefficient and pressure drop, or the pressure drop for a given flowrate and flow coefficient. Suitable for saturated steam and sub-saturated
  • Seven Breakthrough Advantages of New Steam Valve Technology (PDF)
    Until recently, specifiers and users of even the best traditional valve technology had to. accept certain limitations. For instance, flow rates were relatively constrained, so. throughput was restricted. Valve life was also comparatively short, and maintenance or. replacement somewhat