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  • Position Sensors in Solenoid Valves (.pdf)
    Implementation of state of the art automated laboratory research and computer or microcontroller controlled instrumentation technology has always been restricted by conventional valve technology.
  • Proportional Valves
    . Proportional valve parts are built to be interchangeable; thus, the spool in low-performance valves can have considerable overlap in the null position. This overlap causes flow deadband, which is not critical for flow-control systems but can cause errors and instability in positioning systems. However
  • Finding the right sensor for linear displacement
    the right sensor to the application requires that design engineers have a working knowledge of the operating characteristics behind today's position sensors. These devices, known as linear-position and displacement sensors, are proportionaloutput devices that continuously indicate position
  • Sensitivity of Contact Electronic Throttle Control Sensor to Control System Variation (.pdf)
    The purpose of this paper is to improve the understanding of the advantages of a non-contact electronic throttle control (ETC) air control valve position sensor over the potentiometer technology of contacting position sensors. The non-contact position sensing offers the industry an opportunity
  • FieldQ Valve Actuator - English
    and proportionally to the rotation of the actuator pinion. The linear movement of the position probe is tracked by a GMR sensor. This GMR sensor is placed in the protruding part (3) of the Control module (4), which slots in the Pneumatic Module (5). Control Modules: The electronics in the Control
  • Taking the Guesswork Out of Pneumatic Control
    a function actuate twice during a sequence. A shuttle valve to the pilot of a power valve lets a function actuate twice during a sequence. Back-pressure sensing indicates cylinder position without limit valves. Designers have several options when constructing pneumatic-control systems. But modular air-logic
  • Electropneumatic Cylinders
    control system features a continuous-acting valve as the control element, along with position sensor and electronic controller. The system contains no mechanical brake. Controlling cylinder movement requires quick and precise valve response. In a positioning application, for example, as the rod approaches
  • The Unsung Contributor to Plant Economic Performance
    Wherever goods and materials are manufactured, processed, or packaged, the process. often depends on fluid automation components. These include fluid control products. such as solenoid pilot valves, angle body piston valves, linear valve position indicators,. redundant control systems, and pressure
  • Pneumatics ensures ultraclean packaging
    for filling and cleaning, inserts caps, and drives linear actuators for motion control. A DeviceNet fieldbus connects electronic controls, pressure switches, valves, and position sensors, and offers easy-to-decipher diagnostics. The easy-to-clean concept was a key consideration when selecting the pneumatics
  • Making Sense of Electrohydraulic Controllers
    to machine commissioning or updating. Closed-loop control adds feedback to the hydraulic circuit. Position and pressure sensors provide real-time data on parameters such as position, its derivatives, and forces. This opens the door to rapid, precise, repeatable and, most importantly, automated position

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