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  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    Selectable Air Speeds. • Accuracy of 1% of Setting or 0.1 m/s, Whichever is Larger. • Remote Option for Variable Air Speed. • Accommodates Either Hot-Wire or Vane-Type Anemometers. More Info >>. * Electronic Mass Flow Meters * Ultrasonic/Doppler Flow Meters * Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flow Meters
  • Neodymium-Iron-Boron Magnets:Flexibility in Sensor Design
    material cost. Increased Magnetic Field. Figure 3. Three common angular position sensors use magnets in different ways (magnets are shown in black and elements in green). An interrupter vane (right) periodically diverts flux from the sensor element as it rotates. A toothed gear wheel (top left
  • Optimize HVAC and Process System Efficiency by Matching Your Plant and Processes To The Right Flow Measurement Technology
    Plant engineers have many flow measurement technology options when selecting flow sensors or flow meters to optimize heating-ventilation-air-conditioning (HVAC) and process control systems. It is therefore helpful to understand in some detail, the multiple types of flow meters and flow sensor
  • Understanding flowmeters
    . similar to vortex. contain a turbine. meters, except. The flow against. vanes at the inlet. the turbine’s vanes. swirl the flow,. causes the turbine. creating the pressure. to rotate at a rate. variations. proportional to flow. Straightening vanes. velocity. A sensor. at the outlet de-swirl. detects
  • The Benchtop Wind Tunnel (.pdf)
    and is where the test conditions. exist and the measurements can be made. All the other elements of the wind tunnel are devoted to. producing the controlled air flow needed for the test chamber. These include the fan or blower section. to move the air, a combination of honeycombs, vanes, filters
  • Medical Device Link .
    feature helps to maintain position without drift, and a manual release enables an operator to release trapped air. Valves in stock sizes have 1 1/4-, 1 1/4-, or 3 1/4-in. NPTF ports with manual and flush manual release options. Flow controls are available on the 1 1/4- and 3 1/4-in. models
  • Calibration Primer (.pdf)
    chamber that uses water. to maintain 0°C (32°F) continuously. Omega Engineering’s metrology lab has a 25-foot. wind tunnel with chillers, pumps, and condensers. that keep recirculating air at a constant temperature. and flow rate. This very large machine is used for. anemometer and vane-type sensor

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