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  • High Air Flow Fan
    and heat generation. model has the same outer dimensions as the conventional. of the motor and circuit. Hence, a demand grew for new. model (EC type) and therefore maintains mounting. products with further higher air flow. compatibility. We reviewed the overall structure and circuit design to. develop
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Air Compressors
    by converting mechanical energy into pneumatic energy via. compression. The input energy could come from a drive motor, gasoline engine, or power. takeoff. The ordinary hand bellows used by early smelters and blacksmiths was a simple type of. air compressor. It admitted air through large holes as it expanded
  • Fault Zone Analysis - Identifying Motor Defects Using the Rotor Fault Zone
    . to form a six fault zone approach offers a more. D. Air. Gap. complete analysis of motor health. Power Quality. focuses on the quality of the voltage and current. The Air Gap Fault Zone refers to the air gap between the. Power Circuit focuses on the power circuit supplying. rotor and stator
  • Making Air Systems Clean & Quiet
    around valve spools, cylinder rods and pistons, and air motor and rotary actuator vanes, rotors, and housings. That said, a major drawback to lubricated systems is they discharge oil mist when the air exhausts. And that can bring the unwanted attention of regulatory authorities. The Occupational
  • Medical Device Link .
    Unlike piston pumps, miniature diaphragm pumps do not require lubricants in the pump 's stroking mechanism. On a similar note, rotary-vane pumps are prone to the vanes wearing and spewing debris in the flow path. By contrast, miniature diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors provide an oil-free
  • Tank Farm Running at Full Capacity Utilizing Blackmer GX Series Pumps
    reliable transfer pumps with high suction lift capabilities and explosion-proof motors. To meet their special need, they selected Blackmer GX2.5B Series sliding vane pumps. Tank Farm Running at Full Capacity Utilizing Blackmer GX Series Pumps. The Online Pump Magazine 27.11.2008 Tank Farm Running
  • Advanced Spectral Analysis (.pdf)
    growing as a preferred predictive maintenance tool. to identify damaged rotors and air gap eccentricity in induction motors. CSA is based on the observation. that variances in the stator-rotor air gap are reflected back into the motor’s current signature through the air. gap flux affecting the counter
  • Medical / Diagnostic Applications
    In reciprocating motion,. with a short stroke, the. diaphragm at the top of. the connecting rod flexes up and down in a closed. chamber, creating pressure or vacuum. Even at maximum duty, output air is cool and oil-free. As ambient air enters and leaves the head, it never. goes near the motor

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