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  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
    Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of hydrocarbons over a metal catalyst is a classical method that has been used to produce various carbon materials such as carbon fibers, filaments, etc. for over twenty years. Large amounts of CNTs can be formed by catalytic CVD of acetylene over Co and Fe catalysts
  • Vapor Degreasing Emissions
    worker exposure to solvent in the workplace environment. The focus in recent years by Branson and government agencies has been on "control devices" that minimize solvent emissions from vapor degreasers. Two such widely used devices are superheat and refrigerated freeboard chillers. EPA sanctioned
  • Vapor Intrusion Updates: Are You Prepared?
    Vapor Intrusion is a potential pathway for human exposure to subsurface contamination. Vapor intrusion occurs when volatile compounds migrate from contaminated groundwater or soil into the indoor air of an overlying or nearby building. Vapor intrusion can result in human exposure to VOC compounds
  • Vapor Degreaser Replacement Case Study
    A major OEM and MRO provider of turbine and jet engine blades and vanes needed to replace a soon to be obsolete vapor degreaser, due to local regulations. They contacted Magnus to come up with a solution. The soils were EDM oils, machining oils and NDT dye penetrant oils. They also had
  • Vapor Recovery in Natural Gas (.pdf)
    Recovering methane gas vapors from tank batteries is not a new application for most owners and operators of oil-and-gas production companies and crude-oil storagetank facilities. However, the economics for justifying the installation of Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs) on tank-batteries vary
  • Gas Detection in Education: Gas Vapor in Air Mixtures
    Gas/vapor hazards usually are present in air. The amount of gas/vapor present reduces the amount of air. present. There are three basic mixtures of a flammable gas/vapor in air.
  • The Advantage of Water Vapor Permeability Instrument of Sensor Method
    Abstract: This article presents the comparison of two test methods of water vapor permeability. Taking Labthink TSY-W3 electrolyzation as an example, it also briefs on the test advantage of sensor method. The content of water vapor within package can cause qualitative change to some products
  • Solvent Vapor Monitoring in Coil Coating Oven Atmospheres
    05/21/2013 Control Instruments Corp. Add Article Solvent Vapor Monitoring in Coil Coating Oven Atmospheres

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