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    strength and changes to the printing inks must not take place. Historically, aluminium foil was the material of choice for reaching high barrier values in terms of water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR). In recent times new materials have come onto the market. Polyester
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    Tran Ltd. (Northampton, UK) specializes in the deposition of parylene films by means of vapour condensation. The polymer coating is, in fact, grown one molecule at a time, according to marketing manager Chris Hardy, and therefore it provides complete and uniform coverage. Ample mechanical and barrier
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    and residues. * Calculation of the potential impact on costs and loss of inventory velocity versus the reliability of EtO sterilisation as an accepted method of terminal sterilisation. * Possible redevelopment and re-validation of the package to aid the increase of ventilation and vapour barrier
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    amount of liquid, this will create a massive amount of vapour if the pressure is sufficiently reduced. Typically at approximately 98% vacuum, water, alcohols and some oils will boil at ambient temperatures. By monitoring the pressure as the vacuum is applied, the corresponding graph (see Figure 4
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    not produce toxic dioxins or hydrogen chloride when incinerated. The bags are made from a three-layer coextruded flat or tubular film consisting of polypropylene and styrene ethylene butylene styrene. Like bags made with PVC, Propyflex bags are flexible and transparent, yet their improved water vapour barrier
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    loss, water-vapour absorption contamination and exposure to light and reactive gases such as oxygen. Regulatory requirements include stability studies of package design, selected materials and sterilisation methods. With regard to drug-eluting or biomaterial-coated implantables, United States Food
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    , light weight) in a material that is biologically and chemically inert, without the presence of plasticizers," he adds. According to Jansen, the film also provides a significantly stronger water-vapour barrier in comparison to PVC, allowing manufacturers to keep products on the shelf for a longer
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    offer new benefits. Polyolefin bags, for instance, offer an improved water-vapour barrier when compared with PVC. This property is an advantage in the packaging of aqueous solutions, which normally require an extra overwrap layer on top of PVC. "If there is a material with less risk, this should
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    coating, vacuum evaporation, sputtering, vapour deposition and dip coating, and ranging in thickness typically from sub-nm up to sub-mm, these coatings can be accurately characterised using optical metrology techniques that were originally developed for semiconductor wafer processing. Optical
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    the parts must first be degreased using solvents before the adhesion promoter can be applied. Typical adhesion promoters are silane-based liquids such as solutions of gamma-methacryloxypropyltri-methoxysilane and vinyl-trichlorosilane, which can be applied in liquid or vapour form. These materials

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  • Systems in Timber Engineering
    1 Mortar bed, damp proof course 2 Bottom plate 3 Window sill 4 Lintel 5 Internal lining 6 Framework of battens with space for services 7 Vapour barrier (with adaptive moisture properties), airtight membrane 8 Framework of battens with insulation between 9...
    Full-scale ele- ments were designed in order to analyse the effect of a vapour barrier and the effect of an air flow inside (and outside) an element.
  • Constructing Architecture
    This basic element with its flat side on the inside functions as a loadbear- ing plate (supporting, stiffening, bracing), as a framework for the thermal insulation and as a vapour barrier (the adhesive within the solid timber panel guarantees this property).
  • Modern Construction Envelopes
    Vapour barrier 14.